Thursday, February 18, 2010

Up one side and down the other....

My faithful true blue friend for the last month - it was time to go. Thank you for protecting my ankle from myself. Curtis used his drill to get the cast off. I will freshen/dry this cast, maybe run some shoelaces up both sides somehow - and keep it to remind me....offfffffff what....
...that "Every Setback is an Opportunity'.....
Good-by Mr. Smiling warm sun.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The idea of "Colorlicious" came about from....

....seeing images from the late sixties and seventies: clothes, music, art and Peter Max.
Some of the pieces from the collection of that show are: "Psychedelic Banana".
It sold.
This sconce, which held a candle. With it lit, all kinds of images reflected on the wall. It sold.

This crazy psychedelic glass star. It sold.
Many piece sold that evening except for three pieces. They are now on display and for sale at Benedict Street Marketplace, one of my favorites places to eat in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

"Vivid Vision" can you see the face within the piece?

This piece is three feet tall and two and a half feet wide. Sells for $725.00
"Vivid Vision"
Created 2/2008

Hanging proudly.....

See his face, over the sun and sun's rays? Designs at the bottom with the word "Love" on both sides.
All the crazy colors of that time - exploding into one image!

Flowers A - Go - Go

What a gaudy piece but I love it. Look at the dangling cd that I used as the label. Yeah - maybe hanging from the center would have been more "balanced" but there wasn't a place and did not want to put a hole in the antique frame. (purchased in Maumel, Arkansas).
"Flowers A - Go - Go"
Created 2/2008

"FLOWER POWER"...and it IS !!!!

One of my favorite pieces from the show. Sells for $925.00. So much warm and bright energy comes from these colors. It is three feet wide and two and a half feet tall.
Jim, helping me hang the art.

Iridescent orange, cheery reds, lime green and teal leaves, with green and teal glass beads throughout.
"Flower Power"
created in 2/2008.

"Geode Gewelry" Wear them as a choker, hanging from your belt buckle, from your rear view mirror in your car.....$15.00 each, bag included.

Gentle Falling Snow in Oklahoma on 02/14/10

All you have to do is to move your cursor to the litte arrow in the bottom left corner of the square and click. Watch the falling snow around my property and school bus.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Its Done...CAST ART - by Jennifer Lynn Farrar

He's smiling... ...that happy Mr. Sun !!!

Gotta remember this!

...and flowers in the back.... just think what I could do if I didn't have to paint it while wearing it? Hmmmmm.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Next Art Project - in the works...

I have committed myself to adding some artwork to my cast before it is removed. In addition to a few people who have signed it - I have come up with my main quote which is:
"Every Setback is an Opportunity".
Now I don't know if that is an actual quote said by another - forgive me please...but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking of something to write. I needed a phrase that would continually remind me of my situation.
As time permits, If I feel well, and the inspiration has come - I will paint on this...its my new "Works in Progress".....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heading home...

Canadian Valley Electric has fixed my home...its wired with electricity....thank you for braving the cold to work hard on those power lines and tree limbs....
I head home this afternoon. Anxious to see my dog, and assess what kind of storm damage, if any that I may have. I also have an icebox to clean way to keep the items cold for six days...
What a winter this has been for me!
I will keep all those who are still waiting for power in my prayers....