Sunday, November 14, 2010

Red Abstract with gray geodes and sage colored leaves.

I couldn't help but get my little dog Pongo in the picture. Even he was struck by how beautiful this design was!
In the window - what shall I name this piece?

Cranberry, deep red colored glass, combined with nodules and sage green leaves for accent.

Clear glass and crystal gems were added for accent.

Purple, green and brown Mirror

This mirror is made from an antique purple green and brown flower plate. The egg with the flower was bought in Omak, Washington. Plates, gems and and glass were purchased in Oklahoma.

Fall Colors in this Mirror

This mirror has lots of things going on with it. Falls colors surround this mirror. Antique plates of all different patterns have been attached to the glass mirror. An old "Ball" jar lid was soldered in as well as copper beads, and glass gems. Can you see the terra cotta flowers attached at the bottom, those came from a pot made of clay.

Rose and Pink colored Flower Mirror

This mirror is adorned with two glass flowers purchased in Weatherford, Oklahoma. The ceramic tile came from California. See glass was adorned on the inside edges and those came from a rock shop just northeast of Taos, New Mexico.

Auburn, deep purple and dark burgundy Abstract Cross

Small panel in Antique Western frame.

This looks better when light is reflected from behind. It is a small piece, about eight inches high, six inches across. I have a stand for this, which can be placed on a desk, in a window or book shelves.

A Christmas Scene - heading to Taos, New Mexico

This is a Christmas scene. The snowy hills came from some broken lampshades and the trees are made of evergreen and red colored glass with gold glass gems.
This can be hung in a window or it also comes with a stand. These items will be for sale at the Walden Fine Arts Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.

Three Orange Crosses heading to the Walden Fine Art Gallery

These were made with an antique orange vase from the seventies, orange confetti glass, auburn and gold colored glass gems. Each cross is twelve to eighteen inches tall.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Firehouse Art Center's Annual Holiday Gift Gallery is OPEN!

Come see all of my angels created for the 2010 Holiday Season. Choose from other unique gifts made by local and regional artists, available in a variety of mediums, including painting, pottery, jewelry and blown glass. Christmas ornaments including the 2nd Annual Firehouse Ornament, and accessories are also available. They will be open late for shopping, tonight, November 12th, from 6:00pm - 9:00pm.
Call 405-329-4523 for information.

Holiday Gift Gallery
November 12th - January 8th, 2011
Happy Holidays

Friday, November 5, 2010

Re-painted an older design

This was a design I completed almost three years ago that my boyfriend bought. I would see it everyday at his house and never felt satisfied with the brown painted frame. After saying several times that I was going to take it to my house to rethink the frame color, I finally did. I painted the frame with a bright turquoise color. Used a rich brown oil paint for the inside edge, then painted the back with a dark charcoal color, which I do on every window design now, then signed it. I like how it turned out and I believe he will too.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Festive and elegant star for my sister - finally!

This project has been on my list for some time to complete. The idea for the star came from my sister. I was creating a piece for her home. She said she wanted a flat dimensional star, in colors of cranberry, forest green and sage. I had the crystal already and added some green confetti glass for the center shape.

Star in the light.

Can you see how the colors in the star change as light is reflected on it? She has an arched window in her home and I believe it will be beautiful there.

Still thinking of which chain to use.

Sitting on a table easel. I cut and designed the shape of the star myself. I added glass gems in the center and on each of the five corners. I covered the solder lines with a black patina, so it gave the design an antique and medieval look.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How do these objects become a Christmas Tree?

See how this becomes a Christmas Tree through the blog entries below. Also look and enjoy photos of my experiences at the Arts Festival in Medicine Park, Oklahoma, an event I participated in just last month. Thank you for visiting.

Becomes this:

That's right - a glass Christmas Tree with glass Christmas gifts.

Medicine Park Native American Flute Festival 10/2010

I try to get my art out amongst the people and attend at least one Arts Festival a year. Medicine Park, Oklahoma has always been a favorite spot of mine, hidden in a valley between Lawton, Oklahoma and the Wichita Mountains National Park. This was the first time they had an arts festival in conjunction with the Native American Flute Festival. Moved to the first week of October, I missed the high winds and unpredictable rains in May and April when most arts festivals are held in this state. I hope to attend this juried event again.

Moments at the Festival

Leonard, making his drums.


and more looking.
Lots of friendly people enjoying the art.

The tent held up well and the art looked great.

Another Artist, named Lynn liked the Native American Glass Portraits. She creates beautiful pottery and also had a booth at the festival.
Hanging out.

Leonard worked all day long on his drums.

Angels galore....

I found this wire tree in a store near Shawnee, Ok. Jim helped me with all the set up of the tent. Couldn't have done it without his help.
The right side of my tent...

The left side of my tent.