Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beth Spieler, Artist Specializing in Murals

Beth working on her big mural for the drug store in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
I met Beth for the first time a few days ago. I had always wanted to know how murals were done...so I stopped and asked. She was so nice. She invited me to come back and work with her one day...so I did....and here I am . She lives in North Carolina with her husband and four children. She has been creating murals for eleven years and will soon be creating murals in Philadelphia. Another aspect of her job is designing sets for television newscasts. Interesting...I know!
She goes by the name of "ArtAbout". I learned a lot from her, and was grateful she let me assist her today.

Assisting Beth with her Mural.

Hard to imagine creating a painting or mural so large. If you can find her, you can see how large the size of her project really is.
She was very "easy" to be around, let me paint, and also shared with me her knowledge of what she envisions the final picture (mural) to look like. I hope to some back and visit her in about two weeks to see her progress. Will take a picture, so you can see as well.

Angel with Stand!

This is an example of the kind of "stands" I am looking for, for the rest of my angels. If anyone knows where I can purchase several...I would be grateful. This "stand" idea came from my Mother in fact. She had thought...how nice to actually hang the angel in this way. It helps you focus on the piece of glass art, and can set it anywhere in your home.

Moms know best...!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Angels Flying!!!

Blue Danube plate pieces for wings, blue glass body. THIS ANGEL IS SOLD! Antique glass for wings, burgundy colored glass for body, yellow and blue accents. SOLD
Pink and Green angel. SOLD
Island colors....for a tropical look! THIS ANGEL IS SOLD!

A "Blue" Touch

Angel in chior robe, made of blue tea cup!!
Blue Danube plate pieces for wings, blue print ceramic tile for body. THIS ANGEL IS SOLD!
Blue and burgundy angel. Antique plate pieces from Ohio. Mauve colored wing accents. THIS ANGEL IS SOLD!

Beads are an added touch!

Green and pink angel. Beads added to wire for accent. THIS ANGEL IS SOLD!
Added beads to this angel as well. Beads came from artist, Gayle Curry of IYE Gallery.

Burgundy and purple Angels

Burgundy colored glass, antique plate from Ohio, as wings.
Partial plate from the Grand Canyon. Antique coffee cup for wings!
Partial plate from Grand Canyon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flying Blue Angel...done!

Two different looks!!!!
In the light from inside a room.
In front of the window.
This customer asked if I could create an angel... a favorite symbol of her sister's. She told me her sister liked the color of royal blue because it had a special meaning to her.
We also talked about her sister's personal style, which was elegant, and simple. So she and I talked about adding creme to the royal blue. I needed a third color and added crystal colored glass and gems. Royal blue, creme, and crystal. We both think it looks exactly like what her sister would like.

Items to add...

Lead crystals, glass gems, cut glass pieces......copper strip is what is used to go around each individual piece of glass.

Basic glass design done, without details added.

These two photos show the glass design...the basic bottom layer. I added more clear glass later, glass gems, and crystal beads. I stop at each phase, look at it for as long as I need
before I know what what to do next.

Crown and face of Angel's face...

The face of this angel came from an antique cobalt blue milk bottle. It has a matronly look....like a wise and strong mother or grandmother looking over you and protecting you.
The three lead crystals on top of her crown are also antique. I strung a small wire with crystal beads for her crown.

The making of a blue angel.....

It looks beautiful in the sunlight as well as inside of a well lit room.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Below are pictures of a recent short trip up north in the state of Oklahoma.
I headed to Woodward, Oklahoma to teach a workshop for several Head Start employees. I choose to stay in Buffalo, Oklahoma.....because...well...because it was nearby and for its name. See, for some reason...they (the buffalo) have been demanding that I create them in glass. For the last two years...I had been considering creating a buffalo, sculpting its large shoulders, using browns, auburns, blacks. The idea of a buffalo continues to permeate my thoughts...and I sense it probably will not stop until I have honored them in some of my glass work.

I had a great time. Heavy rains canceled the training so instead of facing the highwaters myself and head home I stayed another night in Buffalo. Their population is less than five hundred, one main street, and raining the whole time. Yeah...I had absolutely nothing to do but just hang out in a small Oklahoma rural town.

So that is what I did, just relax and do nothing.

"A Mermaid's Dream" & Artist's Workshop sponsored by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

Buffalo is located in the NW part of the state. On my way home, I stopped by the gallery and took a shot of a new abstract I created last week. I like it...very colorful, so easy to create...I just let it flow...and this is what came out! Then, I attended a workshop later that afternoon at the Oklahoma History Museum with some other talented people.
Look at these classy ladies!!! From left to right Joy Belt, Owner & Operator of JRB Gallery of Paseo...very cool place...website is: http://www.jrbartgallery.com/
Cynthia Wolfe, she operates the Adelante Gallery and Studio on Paseo. She is also an artist, and singer. Her web site is: http://www.cynthiadanielwolf.com/
Myself, and another talented artist from the In Your Eye Gallery, Gayle Curry. This workshop was about creating art on a larger scale in public places throughout the state of Oklahoma . It was very interesting. Who knows...you may see art by all of us ...somewhere...in a park, along side a wall driving down a freeway, or in front of a prominent building. All of us love art, and enjoy bringing it to others to make the world more beautiful.

Buffalos everywhere!

Here is another buffalo that was painted as part of the art project.
The sign going into Buffalo, Ok.

My traveling partner. Pongo, fourteen year old pet.

He is wishing I would probably quit singing to the radio.
Resting some.
Totally out! It was a three hour drive.

Yes, more sunflowers

The heavy rains had pretty much beaten them down. I am sure if the sun were shining, they would have all been faced the same direction, getting warm vibes from the sun. Instead as I cowered down amongst them...I sensed their gentleness, their vibrant color, and their heartiness.

Sunflowers, Sunflowers, EVERYWHERE!

I noticed these big sunflower fields on my way up to Buffalo. They were located just north of Seiling, Oklahoma on highway 270. As I went by, I thought...I must come back through this way.
I would estimate that there were one hundred acres of sunflowers on either side of the highway.
I pulled over to the side of the road, and walked through the tall grass until I was surrounded by them.

Bovine Bull....

I thought this Bovine Bull was neat looking. In order to be able to get the picture...I had to park my car and walk along a highway into town. I think he knew I was taking this shot although he didn't seem to curious about me. It was quiet that evening, and there had been a short break from all the heavy rain.