Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is where I live....

Walking through the woods is fun, and there is always something new to see or find.
The east end of a meadow on my property.

Part of my back yard!!! I love the solitude the most. When I travel all over the US, coming home is always so nice. I feel fortunate to have this place to call my own.
Heading home from West Virginia tommorrow. Will be working to finish up two large glass designs. Once I get home I will finish taking photos of the process, and will be loading them on the blog, so you can see how the artwork is created.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another piece for sale.

It is bitter cold here in Bridgeport....and they expect snow tommorrow.
It might be just as cold back at home in Oklahoma.
Here is another piece still for sale from our COLORLICIOUS show. It is three feet in length, and two and a half feet tall. When the sunlight shines through this piece the bright orange colors with the lime green and teal colored flowers just pop out from the frame. It looks alive, therefore the title, "See, Hear, Feel". It sells for $1100.00. The gallery accepts lay-a-way its possible for you to purchase this over time.

Monday, February 25, 2008


This piece of art is still for sale. It is an original design from the "COLORLICIOUS" show.
It is a crazy sconce, with colored lights inside. Very unusual and sells for $175.00.
Any takers???

More Business Card Holders

This card holder was for Carolyn, an artist at the gallery who will soon be relocating to Florida.
She wanted something "beachy" we went with these colors...cut the glass in curvey shapes and picked textures so that it looked like you were looking into water. "Catch a'll be sitting on top of the world. She loved it.

This card holder was made for Gayle Curry, another artist at the gallery. She is the one who helped me considerably with "COLORLICIOUS". She told me the colors she wanted and to have since I was feeling a bit "COLORLICIOUS"...that was my influence, and this is what I created for her. She loves it!
This card holder was made for another painter in our gallery, named Doris...a real "firecracker" and also someone with a great sense of humor. She wanted the card holder to match her cards, so that is what I did. A lady came in and wanted to buy it, but I told the lady she would have to fight Doris for it. The lady quickly relented and asked me to make one similar in style with green, yellow, and red accents.

I sell these for forty dollars and they are very easy to ship.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Abstract Cross...(in the works).

A couple of pictures of a abstract cross I am making for a customer in Norman, Ok.
Each piece is cut, then covered with copper foiling. With a fid, (a tool used by the artist) the foil is pressed to the glass so there are no wrinkles. Each piece is individually soldered and put together to form the design. This cross will be built within a dark frame to hang on a wall, or in the light. I will be uploading a picture of this when it is completely finished.

Ryan and I then, Ryan and I now...

Some people might not think that has to do with art...but in a sense it does.
We are all pieces of beautiful art, always evolving, and unique. I found this older picture when Ryan was in the fourth she is a freshman in college.
We are both creative spirits who share the love of art together. She is my daughter and one of my best friends.

Hanging Business Card Holders

These were a few bussiness card holders I made.
They hang on the wall, and the artist's at our gallery have used them to display their business cards near their art.

Working in Bridgeport, West Virginia


Yes, that reads..."surrender to the process". The bus was purchased from a local school, and driven out to my property by a friend of mine. He and I worked together to loosen the bolts on all the seats on one side so I can use it for the space for my art. It is a "works in progress", and on sunny days, I love to turn the music up, get all my paints out and have a party.
One of my favorites sayings is painted on the front hood, by Fredd Babb, it says..."If You get out of the way, the ART will make itself". Inside are lots of additional quotes, or just phrases written by people who have come to visit.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Blue Plasma

This piece also sold on the night of the show.
It was in another part of the gallery.
The colors in this piece were inspired by Jack Hill.
He was always putting unusual colors together.
Who would have ever thought of blues and oranges.....but it worked.
It was purchased that evening by Jack's son Jim.

"Blue Plasma"

This piece is called, "Blue Plasma".

It sold later that night. It was also not part of the "COLORLICIOUS" show, but in another part of the gallery.

The colors in the piece were inspired by Jack Hill.

I had never considered putting cobalt blue, royal blues, pastel blues and oranges together, but it worked.

This piece was purchased by Jack's son Jim.

It was late at night, the last sale of the show.

Mexican Abstract Cross

This abstract cross sol the night of the show. It was not part of "COLORLICIOUS"
but was on display in another part of the gallery.

It is fourteen inches tall and ten inches across.

This was sold to a mother and daughter. The mother bought it for her daughter, then ordered a cross for herself in reds and blues.

I am looking forward to creating it for her and it will be easy to ship anywhere.

A few lighted candle holders....

Yellow Green Glass Pieces....
These two candle holders already sold, but they were fun to make.
You can put a luminary candle in each one, or a tall candle.
They look really cool at night!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Staying in Jackson, Mississippi, working in Sumter Country Alabama!


I have traveled to the southeastern part of the country this week.
Sunny here, lots of big tall pine trees.

I am working in a very small community. A few of the nearby towns are even smaller. One town, called, Cuba, Alabama only has a population of 32 people.

It is an enjoyment to see the diversity of our land and people in the United States.

Monday, February 11, 2008

And the greatest of these "LOVE"

Thank you for taking the time to look at the pictures of "COLORLICIOUS" and for reading my blog.
I started working on all of these pieces nine months ago. In the hot weather of an Oklahoma summer, I started cutting, breaking, and designing glass art specifically for this special event. Every single piece was hand-foiled, hand-fluxed, and hand-soldered.
Every design in "COLORLICIOUS" is an original, there is none other like it in the world.

The psychedelic era pushed out to create more cultural space in our society. It allowed room for the un-conventional and different view points of that time. I hope that we all remember that diversity is our greatest resource and that of faith, hope, and love...the greatest of these is LOVE.

Lynn Farrar

On TV....Oklahoma Travel Network....

This is an interview I did with Lacie Lett.

Co-host for the Oklahoma Travel show.

It was inside Riverwind Casino....

while we were talking...

you could hear

the humming sounds

of the hundreds of slot

machines being used

by people.

That was kind of weird!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We remembered you...Jack Hill.

Two beautiful paintings that Jack painted. Ryan snapped these photos while the show was going on! Beautiful....aren't they?
We missed you that night Jack...but you were alive in all of those colors.

What would we do without friends?

Jeff and I. He likes to travel, and has been all over the world. I tell him he has had an unbelieveable life for a guy his age and a big house too! When I helped him install his art that he purchased, I told him he would not have to go to the gym because he could run laps in his house!

Mary checking out "Vivid Vision". Mary is one of Ryan's friends....
Me and Mary, I have always called her my other daughter. She is a student at ECU, in Ada. She is a very unique person, with a very creative brain.
Ryan and her friend, Zach. Two talented people who love to create!
Mary said she actually had her hair this was one of her favorite hair dos!!!

Yes...even more art....

Don't know the exact title...but what a wonderful job Doris did on this rose.

Can you believe how luminious this pear looks? This is a very big painting, by Gayle Curry.

Other psychedelic art....

"Yellow - Lime Squeeze"
One of Gayle's paintings..I don't know the name...but it looks like a "COLORLICIOUS" pond with lilly pads floating.
"BLUE GROOVE" now decorating Jeff Gardner kitchen area!!!
"Having Some Fun"....this makes me think of the Beach Boys...I don't know why.
"Flowers - A-Go-Go"
One of personal favorites.

The Peter Max book gets signed....

People could feel free to sign anywhere................................................................................
This man looked at every page!!!!
Randy and Bev signing the book.
One of Jack's friends stopping by.
Peter Max was an amazing artist. We provided the book to record people's thoughts and ideas about the show. It brought back memories from that era for some people.

I know I will read the comments over and over again and remember that special night.
It was a really cool show!

Peter Max book, and "Love" Guy!

We had a Peter Max artbook available for everyone to sign. Most people did. This allowed them to be a part of the experience as well. Everyone took the time to be inspired by his colors and shapes...then wrote something was great.
"Love" Guy was pretty cute as well. Check out that blond hair!
He supervised the signing of the Peter Max book!