Thursday, August 28, 2008

Terra Cotta Angel

This was a private commission. The idea came from the lady who placed her order. She asked me if I had ever considered breaking a pot and making an angel out of the terra cotta I had not.
So, I did just that. I also added some red and gold mirrored glass accents.
I liked how it turned out.

Blue Angel Trio

This was an interesting piece. It began with several blue angels that I had created. This group of three seemed to fit together, but I did not how through glass. Then the inspiration came to me.
They all three now stand solidly on a collage of blue printed/patterned pieces of china soldered together in a half circle. Lighted tea lights make this trio sparkle.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Red and Green Angels....Flying....Flying....

These were several smaller angels. These all sell for $20-25.00.

Traditional Red and Green Angels

These angels were made with angel wings that came from several green saucers highlighted with white designs. Mixed with the red colors, the angels became festive for the Christmas season.

Lots of Blue Angels (All different shades of blue!)

All of these angels are made with different shades of blue glass. A collage of prints and patterns on the plates were combined to make a very interesting effect.
The larger angels are $35.00.

This smaller angel sells for $20.00.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Still having fun in Medicine Park, Ok. !

We saw this painted on the side of one of the building there...Jim stopped, and I took a shot.
Do they make this on a t-shirt...I want one!!!

Jim and Gayle....He was kind enough to drive the whole way, there and back. Treated us to a great dinner at the Riverside Cafe. THANK YOU JIM for being so generous! This is a picture I took on top, or near the top of Mount Scott at night. We drove through the wildlife refuge...but it was late, and the park closed at 9:00pm. We had five minutes to make it to the top and back out. I want to see and spend more time there.

This was Cynthia's dinner!!! was a loaf of bread served in a plastic pot.!!! Despite what this looks like, the dinner we had was great. Gayle and I shared Jack's favorite menu item...fried chicken breast, mashed potatoes with white gravy, fried okra on the side....I know...fried food isn't the healthiest choice, but it was sure tasty.

Have friends....will travel !!!!

My friends, Jim, Cynthia, Gayle... encouraged me to go with them to an art show at Winery of the Wichitas, in Medicine Park, Ok. I am so glad I went. They met me in Newcastle. I jumped in their car...and we headed on towards Lawton, Ok.

Gayle, myself, Cynthia.....what gorgeous babes! Gayle even has her eyes open...
This is the winery where Tom and Patty displayed their art. We got to meet them and see their beautiful work in watercolor and pottery. Other local artists were there as well as business owners who own unique places to shop in Medicine Park. I really had a good time with my friends and seeing a place I did not know existed in Oklahoma. I will be back.

Cynthia...looking at the art, and some of Patty's pottery.

Winery of the Wichitas....a wonderful place to visit. visit:

The really different Angels...

This is a green chipmunk angel...(with a cute little bow on top). Colors are greens, yellows, blues, and purples. She is kind of cute in an ugly sort of way. She is trying her best!
This is an eclectic angel...yellow body, multi-colored angel wings with a puppy dog head. Definitely for the interesting customer, who has interesting tastes!

Purple, grey, blue, and rose colored Angels.

These angels are inspired from the sun, moon, and stars...wings are grey in color, but have reflections of blue and green within the glass. The glass gems for the heads are a dark rose color.
Vintage jewelry in purple, and silver colors are attached.

Rainbow Colored Angels

These angels are bright, flower-powered, multi-colored rainbow angels. Maybe this is my version of a "60's flower child angel". The face is a large glass gem, glass art, came from California, which is rainbow colored, rippled glass, with vintage jewlery attached.

This angel right here is 9 inches tall. I call her, "Offering", because it looks as though she is offering something to you in her expression and her arms. Instead of just a glass head, she is built from the wait up, with arms holding flowers.

Transformations Card Holder

Recently, Gayle Curry, an artist at In Your Eye Gallery had her art show. It is called,"Transformations". She asked me to make a card holder that would be an inspiration from one of her works. I did! It is tall enough to hold the gallery cards as well. She had it on display at her show...!!! Go back to our web site, and see her new is unbelievable!

Little Burro

This little burrow used to sit on top of a glass lid and bowl. The customer had mentioned that her maiden name was "Burro" and that she really wanted to keep him, but since it had broke off the top, she gave it to me and told me to see what I could do for him. I tried lots of different ideas to keep him on the glass lid, and they did not work. I contacted her and said...this little burro does not want to be on the lid anymore...since the focus is on the burro, and not the glass container, can I take him and do something different...she said GO FOR IT! So I did.
He is now in a painted frame, climbing up the hill with the sun on his back. The original item, she gave me was all clear glass. I tried different colors around him, and it didn't look right. Keeping him within all clear glass looked the best.