Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Windy in Oklahoma, but excited in my heart!

Only one more day...and time for my show.
Today, Gayle came to get all of my work from my house, with two vehicles we drove it safely up to the gallery. She has helped me beyond my expectations.
I am so excited, but creatively spent. I feel like I have done the work, now I can just sit back and watch the reactions of those who see it. I have given it my all. It feels good to have pushed so hard.

Jim Brown, a new friend has offered to help hang my art from two secured poles hanging from the ceiling with strong chain. I know he will do a great job, and he has been kind to offer to help in this way. Sixty pounds of glass will hang suspended in the air for a whole month. It is the biggest installation I have experienced. This is a good learning experience.

I have tried to load photos of some new art...but have difficulty with my dial up.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I wonder what Jack Hill thought of Peter Max?

I became aware of Peter Max when I was in grade school. I loved his work then, and I still do now.
I purchased a big Peter Max book that I let Jack borrow to look at it while he was confined in the hospital.
I will have this big book at my gallery opening and would hope that every visitor felt comfortable enough to sign their name and/or write a note....sort of like a yearbook. Before I left that day I considered asking Jack to go ahead and write his note inside if he wanted ...but I didn't. It was the last time I saw him.
What kept me from asking?

Check out this "little guy".

Check out this little daughter Ryan and I were walking around Hobby Lobby one day. We were asking each other about what kind of creative activity we might like to do together. We both saw these little guys in the art section, and liked them right away. Ryan suggested we get bright colors and paint them psychedelic. We could display them at the show...holding a gallery show card, which is exactly what we are going to do. See how mine turned out? I really like his colors. Ryan is still working on hers. She has assured me that hers will be just as colorful as mine.

Any suggestions for names?
I didn't paint a face, but it sort of looks like he does have eyes, a small red nose, and a red mouth shaped as if saying, "Oh", like Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live.
Does anyone remember Mr. Bill?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What an AMAZING DAY!!!

Yeah...sure we have had better....but in comparison to what we have been through this winter season...I ain't complaining. Hope everyone got outside and enjoyed the sun, I did.

"COLORLICIOUS" is coming together.

My daughter will be taking pictures of the entire event. She and I will be loading all of the pictures on my blog site, so you can see how things played out.
What a blast it has been in creating for this show!
At this point...I have got to focus...

Nurse Curry and Jim Brown have offered up some great ideas on how to hang my art.
I have gotten to know these two people just this year...Jim more recently...and I am trusting them both to guide me in hanging 60 pounds of glass art that must hang for one full month. Hope they are up for it!!!!
All of my glass art will be suspended from studs in the ladies, not male studs...but nail studs.

It should look fatastic. Nurse Curry, (Gayle Curry) has been instrumental in making me look good. If you ever need help with projecting the image you her. She is one of the best and also a talented artist's in our gallery.

By the way...check out Jack's site. One of our most talented artist's who recently passed through to the other side. When I saw him last I said, you had better be there for my show, and he said he I believe him.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For those of you who like my edgy lamps...I have created one for the show. I got the large pieces of glass when I visited a thrift store in Northern California where my parents live. It was a big bowl that had pink, blue, and green circles on it. There are three big "vines" on the piece. You can one of the vines from the front. Those pieces came from a big goblet that had vines growing up on the sides. The goblet eventually had I put them in this piece. When you see it from all angles it looks like a psychedelic little tree you might find on an groovy island somewhere. It will be a featured piece at the show.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Am working in Silver Springs, Maryland this week.

These paintings were created by Jack Hill.
He recently passed away and the
celebration of his life will be this
coming Saturday, January26th, 2008.
He was always putting together unique combinations of colors in his paintings. Combinations I had not seen before, and they always intrigued me.
When I would spend time with him at the gallery, with the other artist's or in meetings...he would usually speak his mind about things...sometimes saying things I wish I had had the nerve to say.
When he said them, he said them in sort of a snippity way, sometimes in a silly way...and then I would see those expressions he would make. He was so gentle, and welcomed me into this great group of people. I always told my daughter how much I liked his soul, and that it felt so good to be near him. During the big ice storm in Oklahoma, I had heard that Gayle, and Cynthia, maybe a few others who were without electricity had congregated over at his house...even though I lived an hour away and had all of the comforts of home...including electricity..I was jealous that they were all there and I wasn't. I had never met a man like him.
Probably more than anything I can remember about Jack...for that I felt "safe" around him. I could be myself.
In this world with so much skepticism and dis-trust, so many walls we have built around us..I found refuge in his friendship.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Heading home from Iowa....

Thought I would show you our gallery. Eleven other artists share their passion for art and creativity. We work hard to keep our gallery visually appealing.
It is located in the old arts district in Oklahoma City, called Paseo. A very sleepy, intimate, safe refuge from the busy world.

Heading home today from this cold place. Lots of icy snow came. Hour and a half drive to the airport...Fisherman Jack at the wheel...(commercial fisherman from West Bathe, Maine) steering our boat to safely get us there. Only a few weeks...and "Colorlicious" will become a reality.
See you soon...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

These pieces were made for a special lady named, Sue Hale. She had five friends that she wanted to remember at Christmas time. She asked me to come up with some type of lighted sculptures. She said...
"Do whatever you want, Lynn", and inside I thought..."creative freedom"...."COOL"!
You always get the best work when you allow the artist to "be free to create freely". I thought they turned out well.

Some other unique pieces that were on display in Ardmore, Oklahoma at Maria's Garden.

Maria has a beautiful store and when I hang my pieces up, they look wonderful. I really enjoy the colors of the southwest. I enjoy that part of the country as well, and always gain so much when I visit there.
It is located on 112 Wheeler, in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Bright colors warm me up.

I had fun with this piece. No it is not part of the show, but has already been purchased by a wonderful man, named Steve who bought it as a gift for a friend...but couldn't resist keeping it himself.
I really like making lamps or lighted pieces. I believe they make a nice accent for any room, and for some reason, when I see a small light on in a room, it makes me feel secure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cool Blue....

The picture on the left is of a building my daughter and I visited while we were in Haight Ashbury. I am planning on finishing my bus up in this style.

The picture on the left is titled, "Blue Groove".

It was fun to design. I have added a really cool blue and yellow daisey right in the middle. It is 16 inches high and wide.

The blue glass came from a jewlery artist at our gallery named Sarah Davidson. She used to create with stained glass years ago. I liked the color combination of blues, yellows, limes, oranges, and reds. The freedom of the late sixties was that all kinds of colors could be combined. I believe I could have created many more pieces with the unusual color combinations of the sixities.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another piece of art...

This piece was built into a door frame that I found in Ardmore, Ok.

It can hang this way in the picture, or you can turn it upside down. I don't know whether to call this piece "Electric Waves", or "Rainbow Road". was fun to cut the wavy pieces of glass. I was inspired by a business card I had picked up this summer while visiting Haight Ashbury in San Francisco.

You can't hardly see it in this picture, but I painted the frame a really cool deep red/cranberry. It looks so cool.

I am still here in Iowa and it is still cold!

I wanted to include another one of my favorites that was created for the show, "COLOR-LICIOUS".

This piece is called, "Flowers A Go-Go".

I found this unique frame while thrift shopping in Maumelle, Arkansas this summer.

Sometimes I just find things and I am not sure what I will use them for...but I know I will use them eventually when creativity calls for it. I bought it and kept it. This was the third piece I created for my psychedelic show.

The beads used in this piece are from Utica, Michigan. I was doing a job there...and thought they would be great used in a piece. The big flowers are broken bowls purchased from an antique store in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Its cold in Iowa!

I am here in Carroll, Iowa. I am here for the week working, but the ideas for my upcoming show called, COLORLICIOUS are still whirling in my head.

I am going to add some pictures of the two larger "show" pieces.

Aren't they wonderfully psychedelic????

These pieces are three feet by two and a half feet.

Much larger than the size I typically create...but I love doing the big stuff.

The flower picture is called, "See, Hear, Feel".

You will understand when you are close to this piece and seeing how the sun lights up the neon red. The flower seems alive.

The face picture is called, "Vivid Vision".

For some time, (when I was young as grade school) I have been inspired by Peter Max.

I liked his colors, and images. I wanted to create a piece with the sun rays coming out from the center. The man's face I did a long time ago...(this summer). He was created from some left over glass pieces that I was just moving around on my workspace. looks like a face.

I kept him in my window for many months, not exactly knowing what to do with him. I tried making a few more faces, but I just could not capture the same look.

During the stages of creating "Vivid Vision" daughter had mentioned to me about the idea of incorporating faces in my work. A few days later....I was looking at the sun rays, and I looked at the man's face...and it HIT ME...yes, put him in. And you know what...he fit perfectly in this piece. Who would have ever known?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Preparing for Valentine's Day

Today I spent time on my glass Valentine pieces. Working with all of that red color was warming, bright and soothing.

Traditional cuts, adding in my edgy broken, unpredictable accents.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Its a Color-Licious Kind of Day !

Nurse Curry...I made it in.....thank you for sharing this process with me.

I will be looking forward to blogging everyday!