Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Angel with various 'bling"....

A customer ordered a red and green angel......I sent her different ways this angel could wear her bling.
The shape of this angel was cut from another angel I designed around Christmas time.

Soon - she will be hanging in her new home.

This angel got featured twice....

Angels are still for sale...and if you want a custom order - its sooooo easy....

Listening to Jazz and chillin with special people...

Jim and I - Jazz in June 09
Linda and her friend Tom....

We're all grins....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Best Picture of my Buffalo yet.....

"Leader of His Herd"
3 feet wide - 2 1/2 feet tall and weighs 27 pounds!!!

Photographer, Candace Coker came out to my property and took some pictures of my glass art. Glass is a tricky medium to photograph and she did an outstanding in capturing the strength of this design and it's color. Check out more of her work at: http://www.candacecoker.com/

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Price Tower in Bartlesville, Ok. Upcoming show!!

This is me standing outside the Price Tower. I am so excited to be a part of this. Three of my glass art pieces were accepted into a "high-end" crafts show - opening night August 7th. It is called: UK/OK: Exploring Traditions in Contemporary Design - August 7, 2009 through January 3, 2010.

Exhibition Scope
UK/OK: Exploring Traditions in Contemporary Design celebrates the work of nearly seventy artists and designers working in the areas of handmade design and "high craft" across Oklahoma and in the countries of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Emanating from a curiosity of cross-cultural comparisons, UK/OK examines contemporary British and Oklahoman designers through the lens of "traditions" – in technique, materials, and influences. The focus of the exhibition is the recent resurgence in handcrafted design and those working within the fields of metals, book making, ceramics, stone, glass, embroidery, quilting, apparel, woodworking, basketry, woodblock printing, and jewelry.

Following an international call for submissions, Price Tower Arts Center curator Scott W. Perkins selected British designers working over the past decade and balanced them with an equally select list of Oklahoma artists representing the breadth of education/training, ethnicities, and diverse pockets of creativity in the state. Many designers employ "traditional" media or techniques, while others adapt more contemporary materials and methods as a commentary on the changes within the handcrafted design culture.

The works exhibited will delight those familiar with handmade design, but also dispel the stereotype of "craft" and "making" as lesser in quality to mass-produced manufactured goods. In this way, each piece will not only tell the story of its maker, but the circumstances surrounding its particular location and means of production. Objects in UK/OK are on loan from their makers or from local, regional, and international private collectors as well as drawn in part from the British Council Collection.

Acting crazy with my daughter....

My daughter and I had to wait in the car until Frank and Lola's opened at five for the dinner crowd. It must have been about 100 degrees...but we had about two minutes to entertain ourselves...until they opened....so.....
We got a little bored...and then we got a little random...and then let ourselves get crazy....

It was fun...and it was worth the wait...the dinner was good!

Mosiac Art - Wine Cork Art ???

Cork Art ???
This mosiac art is something I did after I had returned back from Florida. There is still much work to be done. I got so involved in the process of making it "art" I forgot people had to walk on it!!! So...it is going to take a lot of grout to fill in the divets and various layers of objects to make it smooth enough to walk on.

I had so much fun putting random items together....I am so eclectic in mind and heart...I will always be drawn to pulling diverse items together to make a more beautiful whole.....

More Cork Art. Frank and Lola's in Bartlesville, Ok. My daughter and I took a road trip together and ate at this nice resturant. I liked how they used the corks to create these images. Can you see the narrow strip along the front of the bar...its corks...wine corks!

Some corks went sideways and other were up and down. This was also on a long thin horizontal board.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An artist's sketch of my daughter and I....

Slava, an artist on Paseo created this sketch from the photo on the left (which was taken by my daughter) last Christmas. It is almost two feet tall and approx. 16 inches wide.
It was a special night for us, as it was Christmas Eve spent in a luxurious, rennovated a supposedly haunted hotel named The Skirvin.

About the art - Ryan and I both talked about the fact that at first you are expecting to see yourself as exactly as you see you....but then we also realized that the artist captured what he saw in this picture and worked to replicate that through the sketch. As soon as our expectations faded away...the spirit of what he saw became more clear to us. We felt he was successful in capturing our excitement for adventure, our close bond and deep love we have for each other as Mother and Daughter. Thank you Slava!

Spending time with my daughter, Ryan..

She is really crazy...I can't IMAGINE where she gets this from!!!
I met her at her new apartment in the city and took her to the Red Cup for lunch....

She is growing into a unique and independant young lady. I love her so much!

More flowers on my ten acres!!!

Small fence entry near the drive to my home. There must have been more of a fence years ago...but this was what was left when I moved in eight years ago. I like to plant flowers nearby so there is color to greet me whenever I come home.

These flowers grew from gourd seeds I had left there.

They bloom early in the morning and I finally caught them all open.

New lilies that I planted a few days ago near the fence posts. Before long this area will be full of lilies of all types as I have tiger lilies planted there as well.

Morning Glories grown from seeds..

My sister Kaye sent a whole bunch of seeds to me from California. I couldn't wait to plant them because I love this flower. Thank you Kaye, they turned out beautiful!

Baby Skunks found...

You should always use gloves when handling these small wild animals. They were found squirming to get out of the hot sun and into the shade. I believe my dog ran the mother off from hiding...and played with one a little too long.
I found on the internet a place where they rehabilitate skunks through the Oklahoma City Animal Refuge in Oklahoma City. That is where they are now.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Enjoying the local music scene....

Thank you for taking the time to look at these pictures. I have tried to document my time in Florida and let you in on the music, art, and fun I had. The picture above is of a band whose music I enjoyed the most. They seemed so young, yet they played with such a passion beyond their years. From what I heard within the crowd - their name is "Everybody Loves Everybody" Band. I want their CD!!!
This group played in one of the galleries we visited. Check out the man on the far left. He twanged that long cord and it's sound brought a smile to my face!!!

Outside, these guys were in the moment playing their stringed instruments and singing together.

St. Augustine Friday Night Artwalk...

This picture just was not able to capture the detail but it was very ornate. Pearls, glass gems, sea moss, starfish......maybe this was the Bride of the Sea.
Took a shelf and made it more interesting and beautiful... Years ago I used to take old furniture and painted it with bright colors...at the time though I did not think to add so many other items.
This was my favorite. It costs $3000.000. All of the art shown was created by Wendy Mandel McDaniel. Her website is: wendymandelmcdaniel.com
She has combined many different items to create larger beautiful pieces.

Buying some cards....enjoying myself....

Enjoying some much needed R&R in St. Augustine, Florida

This guy was seated in his chair with wheels hanging onto a big sail way up in the sky. He went back and forth many times and I cheered everytime he flew by.
Jim and I before we headed out to the Friday Night Artwalk in St. Augustine, Fl.

Go ahead and JUMP!!!!! as Van Halen used to sing!!!!
Catch it!!!

Check out this gigantic anchor...I liked seeing this because if I were to think of my faith being an anchor in my life I am now envisioning that my anchor looks like this. It was so heavy looking - Jim wondered why there chains around it....it would take a crane to lift it away!!!

So inspired by Mosiac Tile work....

I am so drawn to any type of artwork with an eclectic collage of items that are so diverse but together make such a great piece of art.
This was on someone's house. It was random, it was weird, and colorful and I liked it!

This is Jim, my boyfriend looking closely to see how this was done. Below you can see a plate, a starfish, pieces of tiles, gems...oh man...I can't wait to create some myself.