Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waving Abstract Design

In my kitchen window. This piece is called: "Dreams of a Mermaid". Turquoise, teal, purples and blues are the theme colors in this design. Geodes of the same colors along with tiny fluorescent green and turquoise mermaids are incorporated throughout....and - Yes - it is for sale. Are you interested???

Feathers - Feathers - and more Feathers....

I have so enjoyed creating these. I would like to create a display where hundreds of glass feathers are hanging in the sunshine...that would be so beautiful.
All of these feathers were recently delivered to the Price Tower Art Gallery museum where they will be for sale until the new year.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I went a little crazy with my business card holders......

I made these little boxes a few years ago and then put them away....with the exposure I have had to Mosaic art (which I am still working on my porch) was fun to just let loose and add all kinds of found objects.

I added green glass beads to this piece and think it looks a little shabby chic - except in glass!!
This would be such a funky piece of art to set on your desk at work. Business card holder, lipstick make it what you want.

Another funky glass piece....with big silver vintage jewelry throughout.

Not a bad picture...ehhhh....I also have new business cards. 2.5 by2.5 inch square cards.....Candace Coker helped photograph the artwork and did the graphic design as well. She did an excellent job. Her website is:
These are all for sale at $45.00 each - plus shipping.....

Some Frank Lloyd Wright inspired designs...

The Frank Lloyd Wright (Price Tower Art Gallery Museum Store) has asked me to create some small glass pieces to be for sale during the UK/OK show. I have been inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's ability to incorporate different kinds of geometrical shapes in unconventional ways to create a larger balanced whole design.
These pieces will look beautiful with electric lights displayed inside or a candle burning.

The architect utilized natural colors in most of his works.

Wish I could have taken some with the lights on inside...but my camera just can not capture how it looks with light radiating through. You will just have to come to the Gallery and Museum to see for yourself.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting ready for the Price Tower UK/OK Art Opening August 7th, 2009.

I am getting excited about the upcoming UK/OK Art Show - which opens on Friday, August 7th at the Price Tower Art Center in Bartlesville, Ok. This show which includes several Oklahoma and International artists will be on display until the new year January - 2010. This gallery is built alongside the only fully realized Frank Lloyd Wright Skyscraper.

The more I learn about Frank Lloyd Wright - I feel aligned with his ability and desire to create art which was unconventional in a conventional space or structure. Its seems like two opposing design ideas converging together as one which becomes more beautiful together than either could be alone.

I have been asked to provide some small items for sale in the museum gift store. I am excited about this opportunity to display my Native American Glass Feathers and some Frank Lloyd Wright inspired designs of my own.

Thanks to all of you - who take the time to follow my art journey.
Sincerely -
Jennifer Lynn Farrar

Friday, July 17, 2009

New York City...I took lots of bites out of the big apple...

Thank you for taking the time to see these images. I recently got the opportunity to work in New York City for almost two weeks. We were able to break free from work over the weekend and the following photos show places I visited, people I met, and the overall diversity of this big place.

I am home now for a few months and will be transitioning into my "Right Brained Life" of creating glass art. On my agenda are the following projects:
- UK/OK Art Opening at the Price Tower, August 7th, 2009. (see web site on blog).
- Creating some small pieces for the Price Tower Museum store...before the show!
- Art commissions for: Kelly, Paula, Sally, Landa, Dana, Jim and Lynn, and possibly Fritz and Dr. Bill.
- Finishing my porch Mosaic.
- Then...thinking about what I want to do I sense that my art journey is taking me into other mediums in addition to my glass art....but am not sure what yet....

I am also in the process of categorizing my art on this blog. This will help a customer be able to click on the categories to see examples of what they might like me to create for them.
Thanks for your support...and enjoy the photos.

Jennifer Lynn Farrar

Mosiac Art in the Subway

I can't tell you how much I love the idea of public art. I support it whole heartily. It seems to brighten up whatever area it is within.
Can't you imagine placing each of these small pieces of cut glass one at a time to create the larger image below?

What a planner, a visionary, and patient mosaic artist this was to have completed this design....

The Highline Railroad Park, David Letterman Studios, and other photos

While walking in the Art Gallery District we saw several people walking along a second level built in the street. We thought it was the sub station to catch the subway...instead it was The Highline Railroad Park. I had watched an interview a few years back with actor, Ed Norton. He talked about the fundraising event which restored the tracks and area of a major railroad station which transported goods back and forth in the city years ago. Can you see the glass colored window panes? This was created by a glass artist who kept the original size and shape of the windows back then, but used blues, greys, lavenders and purples to create a beautiful piece of art.

My friend Cathi...

A scene from down in the subway.....

We rounded the corner and looked Letterman Studios....
Its fun to just get a general idea of where you want to explore and then just come upon the most interesting things....

The artist I met and artwork I purchased in New York
View his work...I like it. I taped the canvas up in my hotel room and enjoyed looking at it. I liked his style, his chunky blocks of color surrounded by this woman. She was painted with a cool blend of bluish, grey and purple hues.

Me selecting the art....I was excited inside...

This is Eduardo, the artist. He was very nice and polite.
There was another artist whose work I liked. He had his art further behind us if you look.
I would have liked to buy something from him as well. I was drawn to these two artists and their style as well as how well their two different styles blended and complimented the other.
Eddie Ching is the other artist and his blog is: http:/

Can you see his other works? COOL...huh?
I rolled his piece of art up in a tube I purchased before heading home. I carried that tube with me everywhere I went. In the cab, through security, bathroom breaks, purchasing an item while standing in line, riding the shuttle to the airport from the hotel. When I met my travel partner - Donna - she would watch it for me. On my very last stop...on the last night of my stay I ended up leaving it on the bed in my hotel room. I ended up having to stay in Dallas at a Super 8 near the airport (a whole other story). We checked in at 1:00am and had to be up to leave for the airport at 6:00am...I was so tired...I guess I had lost my edge...and unfortunately left the art there. I have made all the right calls and talked to the right people...I hope the hotel is able to locate the art and send it home to me soon.

Cathi and I hung out together in the city. She is from Tennessee. I drug her along to all the art places I wanted to see...and she was a great sport. She has a "photographers" eye and suggested many of the photo ideas that you see as well as helping to take photos of me within the city. I was intent on seeing two and thrift shops!!!

Various photos while walking around town...

A bread shop...
Inside a bike shop...

Outside the Gothom bike shop...

Cathi saw this sign....WOW...sort of like "ants" in Oklahoma? If you leave a drop of juice they all swarm to drink....can you imagine that except maybe a piece of bread and rats surrounded by it eating....."ebee jeebees".

Broadway shows galore!!!

Buildings and such....New York City

This photo was taken while walking around downtown on a Sunday afternoon.
At night walking home from night there was a different kind of energy in the you can see...this city never sleeps. If I lived here I would think it would zap my energy being surrounded by so much...distracted by so a kid in a candy store...but maybe after a time...I would get more oblivious to it all....

My friend Cathi suggested this photo. I liked the vibrant red color against the edginess and rough spots of the building wall. Cathi - next time bring your nice we can ZOOM in closer - ok?

Shops on the bottom, apartments on the top or maybe an office or two...

This was my most favorite photo. I stood in the middle of the street took my shot. I kept looking to make sure no cabs or cars were driving through...isn't it cool???

Strolliong around in SoHo

I am sorry I have this photo in here twice...I haven't figured out a way to delete only one picture without deleting the whole blog entry...
On certain blocks in Soho, artists displayed their artwork. That is what we do...if you really want to keep carving a path for yourself, in art or in any area of your life - if you are truly passionate about it will keep putting yourself "out there" and rejection becomes something you learn to accept and grow from - rather than the experiences becoming a blockage to growth. Author - "Sark" says (paraphrasing) that if you are rarely rejected, that means you aren't putting yourself out there rejection only becomes a measurement of that, rather than something that affects the value of your worth. And yeah...some days I remember that and some days I don't.....

I had fun talking with this guy. His spin was instead of the regular tourist shirts you can get when you go somewhere - you can get an artist's version of a tourist shirt. He had some cool "I love New York" t-shirts...they sold for about thirty bucks. I wish I had bought one.

There was a guy next to him who was selling jewelry and kept complaining because the his music was too high. I can relate. Music helps to create the right environment and I like playing it while selling art in a festival too. Too bad the jewelry guy next to the t-shirt guy didn't think the same.

Check out the image on the guy's shirt. I don't know what kind of dog this was, but I saw several being walked by their owners or dog walkers. I saw many Chiwawaus, boxers and two large dogs that looked like they were built like a greyhound except larger, with really long blond hair.
I regret that I didn't take any photos of the dog parks that were located throughout the city. It was a fenced play area where the dogs could run around, get exercise and socialize with the other dogs.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New York City....

Riding the ferry to Manhatten from Staten Island with Ron (from Atlanta), and Darlene (from Illinois)....
Check out this you see the people sitting at the table room is ten stories up. An artist created this image and painted the whole thing....

This was one of the ferrys that passed us as we were heading toward Manhatten....

I was actually trying to sing...ya Barbara Streisand did in that one movie....oh yeah...and no I am not Sarah Palin...she looks like me, not me look like her!!

Statue of Liberty has re-opened. You can go up inside her torch now. This was something I wanted to do...but there is a three month wait!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

She's done!!! Beautiful Angel going to go live in Oklahoma City

This was her look with her angelic "bling".
Diamond shape cuts for her crown. Antique pen for her center piece. Hipster dangling belt. Customer wanted red and green. She will sparkle especially around the holidays.