Friday, October 7, 2011

Ashland Hillsides #1 and #2

 These two "Landscape" panels called, "Ashland Hillsides" #1 and #2. Each panel is 12 inches wide and 24 inches tall. The colors are shades of purples, violets, peach, greens, and ice blues.  These panels were photographed standing upright in my window on a cloudy day around 3:00pm.  Stained glass looks better in person, but these photos show the effects of different levels of light and how the colors change.
 A close up photo shows the colors as well as the geodes and nodules I built within the design.
 This is a photo taken in the evening with artificial light. You can see the white spaces, that was before I layered in the dark purple glass.
The two panels lay flat against a white background.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gold and Teal Cross

This gold and teal cross is 27 inches long and 17 inches wide. It was created with shades of teal colored traditional glass, antique plates, filigree from an antique lamp, glass gems with a porcelain yellow rose in the center.
Surrounding the yellow rose are porcelain green and sage colored leaves. All silver solder lines were stained with a black patina.
In these two photos you can see what kind of work goes behind making something so beautiful. In the top photo I wrote notes out to the side which were ideas that I thought would improve the overall balance and design. The photo below shows the cross being assembled. It can be a messy process especially when you start working with the flux, which is what I had just finished doing in this photo.   

Sage, gold and orange mirrors.

This is a collection of five mirrors. All surrounded with shades of teal and burnt orange. Accents are copper colored glass gems, rustic vintage plates, sage colored small geodes and textured broken glass from a vase.

Red Mirrors

Three interesting bright red mirror designs - perfect for the holidays or anytime.  Handcrafted with broken glass, metallic red glass, glass beads and gems.

Yellow Mirrors

These mirrors were made with yellow spectrum glass. I added a diverse selection of embellishments to each one. This includes porcelain flowers, glass gems with various designs reflecting from underneath, broken lime green pottery leaves, and vintage plates and vases.