Friday, June 25, 2010


"Roswell" (named by my sister, Kaye) after Roswell, New Mexico.
31 1/2 inches wide.
25 1/2 inches tall.
Ironically, this piece out of my entire "Walking on Glass" collection was the most challenging. While most of my designs include over one hundred individually foiled, flux, and soldered pieces, this design has under twenty.
One challenge that I had was selecting the glass for this design, as you can see the colors change all the time depending on the light in the room. So I had to make sure that the colors worked together, no matter how many times they changed in their hues. With the help of some ideas from my Mother I came up with this simple design and it has become my favorite.
No gems, no glass beads, no added accents, no extras and I like it.

Red Abstract

"Red Abstract"
24 inches wide.
20 1/2 inches tall.
2 1/2 inches thick.
This design is very dramatic and powerfully red. What more can I say.....?

Hollyhock Garden

"Hollyhock Garden"
24 inches wide.
16 inches tall.
2 inches thick.
I don't know why, but when I thought of the hollyhocks in New Mexico this is what came out. We have hollyhocks here in Oklahoma too. I love these hardy tall flowers. This may be more of an "enchanted HollyHock garden". I would like to believe that the children faces are really angels that dwell within it.

Blue Cross

"Blue Cross"
27 1/2 inches tall.
12 1/2 inches wide.
The photos above show a little of the process. These are all the cut glass pieces I fit into the frame. They may change their spots before the design is over. I wanted to combine the colors of blue, purple, red, and turquoise together. Its powerful. The middle design is a antique plate I bought at Green's Corner (featured in "older blogs" below). That light blue really pops out. The center is a dark turquoise geode.

Burgundy and Gold Cross

"Burgundy and Gold Cross"
23 1/2 inches tall.
19 1/2 inches wide.
I had some challenges with this piece in the beginning, but in the end, it was a color combination I would not typically thought of, but glad I did.

Gold Cross

"Gold Cross with Child"
21 1/2 inches tall.
18 1/2 inches wide.
I added this bottom picture in so you could see what I picked out in my studio to work with. As you can see, some things never made it into the design. I start with these ideas and then the creative process takes over...and it is melded together the way it is supposed to be.


"Canyon lands"
39 inches across. (space in between and counting this design as one).
20 1/2 inches tall. This is a two panel piece depicts an abstract design of the hills and canyons of New Mexico especially if you are coming in from the east on 1-40 W.
Can you see how this designs changes colors depending on the light in the room? That is why I enjoy working with glass, although it can be a challenge at times. The light and color dances all the time as the day and night wear on.

Garden Lamp

"Garden Lamp"
9 1/2 inches tall.
0 1/2 inches in circumference.
Fuchsia, shades of green, pinks, and yellows makes this design. Silver solder lines bring out a sparkle, but sometimes I wonder if a black patina would be better.....hmmmmm?

Blue, Teal & Crystal Lamp

"Blue, Teal & Crystal Lamp"
9 inches tall.
8 inches in circumference.
This design was a little quirky...but it works. The stand is an antique, heavy but shallow vase that had a lid. I may use the lid later in another lamp. This lamp had lights in it when I took the photo so that added a sparkle and blue flash to it's image.

Sunset & Sage Lamp

"Sunset & Sage Lamp"
10 inches tall & 14 inches in circumference.
Again - I have tried to show you a little of what it takes to put these lamps together. I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little bit of the process. Each piece is very labor intensive on so many different levels, and that all changes from piece to piece. I like diverse challenges.........

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still working hard on my Taos projects, but needed to switch out some art...

Exchanged and hung art at Benedict Street Marketplace this weekend. It is an excellent restaurant in Shawnee, Oklahoma. These three glass portraits were featured pieces in the Price Tower Art Center last summer. I just took them out from storage and have brought them back into the public to see.
Abstract glass cross for sale.

Jim came to help me hang the pieces. It helps to have a tall boyfriend.

Busy making price tags.

More art - at Benedict Street Marketplace

This is Chuck. He is always smiling and greeting the people who come into his place to eat.

Standing next to "Medicine Man".

Paula and her husband, Chuck own this restaurant. I have eaten here at this place for at least seven years and every time - the food is excellent.

Lots of big windows, which makes it bright inside. My glass art looks great in the sun. Check it out. Eat some great food and enjoy some glass art too.

Friday, June 11, 2010

This red piece, just about finished. Needs more cleaning, but its coming along nicely...

A few close up shots.

Without a flash...

With a flash photo....a few more hours after giving it a full cleaning - this piece will be a dynamic accent in someone's home.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Design is finished...just a good clean-up is needed.

This is the finished design of my Hollyhock Garden....below, you can see the design before I added more green glass and small details, like smaller green leaves and glass beads.

Having fun with red.

I worked on this yesterday - yeah - I know - all those fingerprints. I move all the pieces around until I get the look I want. Next I will solder this all together, maybe a copper patina color. When I get done, this piece will look rich, edgy and powerfully red.
Can't wait to see what it looks like with the light reflected from behind.