Monday, August 31, 2009

Angels for sale - makes great Christmas gifts!!!

This is a sampling of some of the newest angels I have made for the festival. Each has unique and ornate accents and come with a angelic message with bag. These angels range in prices from: $20-$35.

Big pieces of glass rock...

I just had to slip this in with the other photos on my blog. I have always been drawn to these glass rocks which I discovered in Oklahoma so many years ago. If anyone knows about these rocks, where they come from, and why are the unique to Oklahoma - please share.
I saw this idea of putting several pieces on a window sill in some store -somewhere ...and it stuck with me so I can't take credit for the idea but I like the way it looks in my office window.

My new lamp...

The glass lamps that I create take a lot of thought. Every piece that I add must have balance to the overall design. It has to make sense to me. I wish I was a better photographer, although I think these lamps would be challenging for an experienced photographer even....
You can see the main colors are shades of turquoise with crystal clear colors of glass. It is built on a blue glass vase. These lamps - though small in size - are powerful and make an intense accent for any room. This design is 9 1/2 inches tall and 7 inches at its widest width.
This lamp will be for sale at the festival this weekend. Come by and see it!!

OK - another random photo...

I bought this miniature couch, chair, and table at a thrift store here in Shawnee, Ok. I don't know why I was so drawn to them. I like little detailed things. They were home made and whomever created and built these pieces did a quality job.

If I were a Barbie Doll - I could lie down and read for hours....but does Barbie read????...well...maybe I would entertain. I know she does that.

Anyway...they are too cool!!!

Other older pieces are art for sale this weekend...

"Dreams of A Mermaid" - for sale this weekend. There is a small hanging glass in front of this piece when I took the picture. Hopefully you can still see this blue panel piece. There are cups also soldered in with this design that were purchased in San Francisco and blue, turquoise, and chartreuse mermaids swimming throughout. The design can hang horizontal or parallel.

One photo is taken with a flash and the other is not. I created this "Red/Green Maze" three years ago. It is big. Three feet wide and two and a half feet tall. It can be hung horzontal or parallel.
"Red/Green Maze" was selected at the "In Your Eye Gallery" to be used on a movie set in Norman, Oklahoma. The movie is titled "Ivory" and is about two people competing for a spot in a piano competition held in Budepest.
"Red/Green Maze" hung bright in a large window in the large living room near the grand piano where several scenes were filmed.

It will be for sale this weekend at a reduced price.

One more random creative moment

I am learning how to paint. I created these three pieces one year ago. They are for sale. These are close up photos of the three 12x12 paintings which sell for $50.00 each.

Feathers for sale this weekend....

I liked the earth tones colors of all these feathers together. Since these photos were taken - I have added accents to them by bonding glass beads, artifacts, and other found objects.
Some are beautiful just plain. These feathers also have leather strips attached to the hanger at the top. They can be hung in a group or alone from anywhere. Your rear few mirror, above your kitchen sing, in a window, or from a hanging lamp fixture. These feathers range in price from $25.00-$35.00 and will be for sale this weekend.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hanging out with my artful friends....

We were having some fun huh!!! We were out on a roof listening to some music and having some good laughs. I remember this was right before the fourth of July, right before I left for New York. From left to right - Debi, Jeff, Gayle, me, Jim, Bev and Bob.
Must have been some serious in-depth discussion - This is Gayle and I. She is an artist at the In Your Eye gallery who has a solo show coming this Friday, September 4th.

Look like a school girl before her first day of school!!! Really - I was giddy as I was getting ready to participate in the UK/OK Art exhibit opening.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some sketches for a private commission...

A customer in Washington wanted a kaleidoscope design built inside a two foot by two foot glass window design. She sent me several images and I choose the ones I could best re-create in glass. She gave me ideas for colors and I sent samples of which she choose muted colors of blue, purple, yellow, rose, teal, spruce green, opaque white and some mirrored pieces. Imagining those colors in one of these designs or a combination of these designs is looking pretty good in my brain - that is.

I couldn't help myself .....

The yellow flowers were made of glass I had cut. I simply put the shapes where they seemed to fit best, then added dark green diamond shaped glass for the leaves.

I took an old children's cabinet and painted it a khaki color. I add tile on the top with a glass flower design. I also added small glass pieces of orange, green, and yellow. I then painted flowers all over the front, attaching red glass gems to the center of the painted flowers and added more Mosaic chips on the front. The handles I painted red as well. It jazzed this little piece up quite a bit and I like it....

Red Lamp

This is an edgy design that I created for a small lamp. The photos show various angles. It will be for sale at the upcoming Arts Festival Oklahoma held the first weekend in September.

Hanging pieces...I am experimenting....

I am experimenting here. I took the sun off and want to add something else underneath this design. I also added more gems around the bottom. Red and gold gems bring the design down further - almost a couple of inches more. I will take a photo of the final project soon.

My lamp fixture...

I needed a new lampshade. I had made one last summer in the colors that matched my kitchen. Lime green, yellow and turquoise, however those colors (as bright as they did look) dimmed the light needed in my kitchen area where I often worked. So I decided to create a new one that was light in color. Not only is the kitchen area much brighter...this lamp fixture is dramatic and abstract. I will probably add more clear glass gems to round out the design a little more - but I like it. It's interesting.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yes - thats me....

We drove by this big billboard on our way into downtown Bartlesville before the show. Jim said, "Hey - on our way out, why don't I give you a boost and get you up there on that billboard to take a picture?" So on the way out of town after the opening night, we did just that. It was a little wobbly standing out on that platform and I had to dodge a wasp or two but I loved being up there. I didn't want the experience to end.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. I apologize if I might not have someone's name correct on the following photos. It was a whirlwind weekend at the opening night of the UK/OK Price Tower Art Exhibit. I am still looking back and remembering all of the art I saw, and the people I met. As a result of my participation, prior to the show I immersed myself into information about Frank Lloyd Wright. I feel glad to have been exposed to his life, his design principals and
philosophy and to experience staying in one of his buildings which is one of his only fully realized skyscrapers located in Bartlesville, Ok.

A special lady....

This is my Aunt Virginia. It was her birthday on the day of the exhibit. She had driven from Kansas to spend her birthday weekend with her sister and her husband from Tulsa. They were able to drive to come see me that evening. She is a special lady and I love her. She lives on a big farm and has a beautiful collection of Roosters.

Some interesting people I met this weekend....

This is Christine Staton, Director of Visitor Services at the Price Tower Arts Center. The PTAC gave me the opportunity to display some of my smaller pieces of glass art in their museum gift store. I met her in Tulsa to deliver my art. She collected pieces from other Tulsa artists on that day then later created a beautiful display of all our work in her store. She is talented as it takes an "eye" to create a display of different items that "invites you in". She incorporated all of the works nicely with all of the additional interesting items the gift store had for sale.
This IS the man behind it all. WOW - Scott Perkins...what a pleasure it has been to work with you. He is a scholar in the history of decorative arts, design, and culture and has served as the Price Tower Art Center's Curator of Collections and Exhibitions since January 2006. He was patient with me as I had not been through this process before. He "master-minded" the entire event while in the process of planning events for the Price Tower Arts Center that are scheduled two and three years down the road. Much of the funding to support the center is created through grants which requires planning so far into the future. He has some exciting projects in the works for the Arts Center. The UK/OK exhibit came about as a result for the need to bring attention back to hand-crafted design and to honor and embrace these traditions. It was the first time for me to be a part of this kind of event as I usually participate in events that primarily consist of talented painters and photographers. I felt like I fit in with this group of artists.
This is Jim, my boyfriend. His father, the late Jack Hill was a talented artist himself. Jim grew up around art and enjoys being with me at these events. We went up to the 15th and 16th floor of the Price Tower to the Copper Bar. You could look outside and see the city lights of Bartlesville.

I regret to say that I can not recall the names of these two people. I have no excuses. He stepped in to quickly offer taking the picture of Jim and myself.

He and his girlfriend were from outside of the United States and had taken a month off to visit all of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. They had been to several places already, including "Fallingwater" in Ohiopyle (Bear Run) Pennsylvania. They said that some of the places they had visited you could not get inside. They stayed there one night in the skyscraper and said they really had enjoyed being able to experience this building. We talked briefly about Frank Lloyd Wright, who he was, and his architectural designs.
They were very nice.

What the UK/OK Exhibit looked like inside.

These are some photos I took to show what the exhibit looked like on the inside. Scott and his crew were able to take each piece art and exhibit them in such a way as if that particular piece was all that you saw. I am not sure if this is clear or not...but he honored every piece of art in this space and accentuated the diversity of each piece. In the end, he was able to bring all of this beauty and diversity into one exceptional presentation. Enjoy....

I was curious as to where or how my art would be displayed and to my surprise when I walked in...there it was. It was the first collection that people would see...and would draw them in for the UK/OK experience. I was proud but felt humbled at the same time. Jim took this picture as I stood they did not know it was my glass art they were standing near. It felt very humbling and special to be in that moment with myself.

This doesn't look big in the photo....but it was the long panel (at least five feet long) that hung at the entry way to the exhibit.