Friday, July 23, 2010

Full Glass Feather Display

This design sells for $450.00. All of the glass feathers were hand made, tied with leather straps to three Crape Myrtle branches. Its a colorful design, and still allows you to see through to the outside.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flowers in the sunlight....

This is what the flowers look like in the sun. You can see how bright they become. I just love glass....once it has the light reflected from behind...
"POW" that's color coming right at you!
The next group of photos were taken with a black backround and no flash.

Just finished a "flower order"....

I think I like a light colored background for these flowers. The black does create a more dramatic look. I like to show the differences in how glass can change how it looks, depending on what is around it.

These flowers will be placed in the top corners of a large kitchen window. Using the wires to manipulate the shape and "turn" of each flower giving it a "growing flower garden" look except with glass. These can be made in any color (orange is coming to mind.....) and they can be purchased for $30.00 each. If purchased in a group, individual flower prices are cheaper. This customer purchased 8 in his set.

...a Red example of what I was creating in my first and second year of glass work.

Kind of whimsical, unpredictable, unusual......
Each glass brought it's own unique energy....a sconce to hang on the wall and light at night.

A small tea light candle, a candle with a micro-ship, or a small string of lights can be placed inside to "light" it up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angels for sale at the Firehouse Art Center and Gallery

The Norman, Firehouse Art Center and Gallery, located on Flood Street in Norman, Oklahoma will be selling all of these angels for me. Please call them if you are interested. Their number is: 405-329-4253.
They are made of browns, golds, purple colors. Zebra striped glass beads on some, vintage jewelry on others. Each angel is adorned with silver jewelry wire to hang it from and these wires are all strung with glass beads.
Four turquoise colored angels. Leopard and teal glass beads added to some, others have vintage jewelry as the accents on their gowns.

This group of angels were created with red, greens, and white colored glass. Some of the white pieces came from broken lampshades. All adorned with vintage jewelry and glass beads from Green's Corner in Shawnee, Ok. Smallest angel on far right has been sold. It will hang from the customer's rear view mirror inside their car.

These are the same angel of course, just different angle on the photograph as the metallic gold glass used for the gown of the angel varies in its shimmer. The wings are a dark red color of glass.

Angels for sale at the Firehouse Art Center and Gallery

These angels were made from broken lampshades and white colored glass. The top right angel's gown is made from a light peach colored glass. Black patina accentuates the lines, vintage jewelry used to adorn their gowns.
Teal, and auburn colored angel.

These angels are really purple. I tried to capture the purple metallic glass used for their gowns, but it was a challenge. They are beautiful though and purple is a favorite color of mine to use.

Sage and orange colored angels. The smaller angels have wings that came from a brown lampshade I broke. The other angel's came from a plate that looked like lots of leaves. I turned the leaf design outward intentionally for the wing shape of this design.

Textured red/orange glass on the gown and bright yellow/orange wings.

Angels for sale at the Firehouse Art Center and Gallery

Blue textured glass for the gown, gold metallic glass for the wings. Vintage jewelry used to adorn the neck of the angel.
This is my favorite angel out of the bunch. One photo is with a flash, another is not. I like everything about this...the glow from the golden gown, the detailed, circular leaf pendant, and the leaves for wings.

Larger angel in textured blue glass, with metallic gold glass for its wings. One photo taken with flash, the other, a flash was not used.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Florida bound....

This is a small commission, measuring 12 inches by 14 inches. I created it for a lovely lady who just moved from Oklahoma to Florida. She wanted something that resembled the flat prairies and grasslands of her home state. On the way back home from Taos, we drove through the panhandle of Oklahoma. It is through this area that you see the broad meadows and vast prairies. Most of the golden wheat had just been harvested so the rows where the giant tractors had gone back and forth made the grasses look like rows - hundreds and hundreds of golden rows. I believe she will enjoy this design.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

Below are several pictures showing a variety of things my boyfriend Jim and I experienced while staying in Taos, New Mexico.
I was blessed to have the opportunity to show my glass art at the Walden Fine Art Gallery, which was the main reason we came to Taos from Oklahoma. In this enchanted place, you can't help but get caught up in all the other wonderful experiences available.
All the art you see, is up for sale. If you are interested in any pieces just email me and I can share with you the prices. I accept lay-away payments. These glass art designs are one of a kind edgy and original.
God Bless and thank you again for all your support during my ten year artful journey.
Jennifer Lynn Farrar

Biggest adventure of all, beside my art in the gallery...

This little guy is sixteen years old and takes heart and arthritis meds daily. He only weighs twelve pounds and can't see or hear well. This little whippersnapper named "Pongo" wondered off one day and was lost in the desert for eight hours. HE WAS FOUND EVENTUALLY. I can't begin to tell you what kind of state of mind this situation brought me. When Jim and I realized he was missing, we walked around in the sagebrush for hours calling his name and clapping our hands but no Pongo was found.
This was the area that he wondered in. I have to thank so many people that helped in this search. Paula, who referred me to the "List Serve", Brook, who put his information on the "List Serve", Taylor who spotted him first and called to let us know. She also saddled up her horse and walked around with us in our search. Pongo had been missing since 9:30am. Finally around 5:30pm, I received a call from a lady who lived in Texas. She had seen the information on the "List Serve" with my number and called me. She described the bedraggled, dust covered, and dehydrated little black and white dog to me. We quickly drove over to her house and there he was...thirsty, worn out, but recognized me as I quickly walked to him and swept him up in my arms. I did not get the name of the lady who called me, but I thanked her for looking at her computer that day and for quickly calling me. She would not take any money but like me, had so hoped that this little dog would find its owner. This story fortunately had a very, VERY happy ending.

He wondered over to the house on the right, and then onto the house to the left. He had a puncture wound on his back. An infection, fluid building on his lungs, crackling with every breath he took and quickly losing his ground on his life. Belinda, the vet at Taos Vet Clinic in Taos, New Mexico was very thorough. She had so much information to share. If he had not been found, he would not have survived the night. Today he is just normal, walking around, sleeping, liking his special treats (of which he will get many). Thanks to everyone who helped us and for allowing me to enjoy a little more time with my little man.

An adobe house for sale or for rent.

This is presently rented out to those who might be visiting the area, but it is also for sale.
I stayed here for nine nights and absolutely loved the quiet and the peaceful
atmosphere. A neighbor on either side, but still private. Located in the mesa, near Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. Only twenty miles from Questa. A mile walk from the gorge, where the Rio Grande flows through.

A typical adobe ceiling. I like it. The house was made by a Mother and Daughter, who lived next door. Yes - they built the whole adobe.

We spent many a morning out here, drinking coffee. Cool in the evening and always a nice dry breeze flowing
through. If you are only coming to Taos for a visit or for long term stay and want to feel the atmosphere of living in this area...the house if for you. Contact me by emaling me at:

Additional people I met...

I want to give a shout out to the following people:
136-D Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, New Mexico
Cool clothing store for women!
(Thank you and to Bruce for inviting us to a great Fourth of July party).
Robert Romero
Flamenco/Jazz Guitarist
Sante Fe, New Mexico
Met him at a Fourth of July party where he was playing his guitar. It was beautiful to hear his music in the quiet of the desert.
Shiela Park
P.O. Box 74
Eagle Nest, New Mexico
She owns Rocks Ore Minerals, specializing in Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry and Rocks. I met her and bought some crystals for my glass art on the way home. Contact her at:

The parade....

These ladies came in towards the end. They looked like they were having some fun.
I liked this guy's outfit.

The people who operate this gallery were from Oklahoma!

The Marching Band of the parade. Just click the arrow in the bottom left hand corner and watch them play.

Balloons and more...

I took this photo from outside the adobe I was staying in. We saw and heard these hot air balloons take off most every morning. Some disappeared down into the gorge and other flew over up high above us. It was so quiet you could hear them talking amongst themselves in their balloons.
Another truck from the Fourth of July Parade in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico.

Victoria, the owner of the gallery suggested I paint the backs of my designs in a charcoal color. I had not done this before and it made them look so much better when they hang in a window. The front typically faces inside the gallery. This was definitely a better look from the outside, don't you agree?

Victoria carefully and thoughtfully looking over all the work I had brought from Oklahoma. She selected eight out of the twelve pieces I brought.

Jim and I at the Fourth of July Parade.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So many things to see and do in New Mexico.

Jim, helping to hang my art in the gallery.
My new little friend. This little doggy is owned by Victoria, the owner of the gallery.

The Fourth of July Parade in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico.

Just finished eating at Orlandoz, in Taos, New Mexico. We ate at Michael's Kitchen too.

The parade....

Some of the art on display in the gallery.

Two abstract crosses hanging in the front window. Standing out in front.

A view of the Walden Fine Art Gallery from across the street.

Further down by where the man is standing is my garden design. It all looked beautiful. I felt proud.