Friday, August 27, 2010

Orange Cross

8 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Cross was made with orange confetti glass and solid orange glass. Pieces from an orange 1970's antique vase were soldered to the cross in addition to auburn, orange, and gold colored glass gems. FOR SALE!

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Blue Galaxy" glass...

Two and a half feet in length and two feet tall. Design built inside an old window frame. All things are possible!

This was a private commission completed for a customer who said she liked to look at the sky at night. She liked to see the stars and look into the galaxy.
The motivation I had in this design not only came from the customer's ideas but also from the beautiful night skies of Taos, New Mexico.
This summer I had the opportunity to stay in Taos for two weeks. Each evening as the sky drew dark stars of all sizes would appear. They glistened in the clear night sky. I will never forget how beautiful it was.

The frame and it challenges....

The frame was provided by the customer. It was an old window frame that used to be in a favorite house she used to live in. The wood was still solid and secure, but the exterior had decayed overtime and old paint was peeling off of it.

Different stages in the process.....

Cutting the general idea within the space that I had.

Because the exterior of the frame was compromised I had to think of something. I bleached washed the frame and painted it white. I thought it could use more, so I decided to create my first Mosaic frame AND also for the first time, used a Mosaic frame to surround one of my glass designs.

After this had dried, I coated the frame again with adhesive grout. After that had dried, I smoothed the grout over the glass gems. Then I painted it three times with a sealant. Let that dry before I started to put the glass design inside.

This shows all the shapes fluxed, foiled, and then finally soldered. It was now ready to be put inside the frame after the frame had dried.

Now, the shapes and colors all coming together....

This shows the grouted frame with the glass design inside.

I had to choose all white and clear for the frame, so its design would not take away from the glass design within it. The "working out" of it all. Using my mind in the creative process is something I really enjoy.

This was in the late afternoon sun. Morning light will also brighten up all the glass and gems. At night, the light from inside the house will reflect on the glass gems and sparkle.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A cow skull - still in the works...

I cut the shape of this skull from an actual cow skull I had bought at my favorite, nik-nak, antique store earlier this summer.
Going to attache the real horns to the glass piece when complete.

It will look something like this. The basic shape of the skull has been established, but I have to add more glass to finish the shape. The top right hand side of the skull are glass pieces from a broken lampshade.

Put my needle nose pliers nearby, so you could get the sense of how big this skull will be.
Once I have it completed, I plan to have it hang from a wall. with lights on up huh!

Angels made in Summer 2010

Blue and dark purple angels...broken plates are the wings, vintage jewelry attached, with wire and glass beads.

Angels made in Summer 2010

All different colors. Design is simple, but lots of labor and love went into each angel. People hang them from light fixtures in their home, from their rear view mirrors in their cars, on the Christmas Tree or anywhere that you would see them and be lifted up.

Angels made in Summer 2010

Browns, tans, some pinks too.

Angels made in Summer 2010

These angel designs are primitive and simple, but I like them that way. All pieces were hand fluxed and foiled and soldered. Some wings were made from antique plates that I broke into shapes of angels wings.