Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Angel Sold!!!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

JUST LAST NIGHT... "Follow the White Rabbit" Art event in Tecumseh, Ok.

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is Debbie. She is a talented mosiac artist. You can see some of her beautiful artwork behind us. The detail, balance, and craft-work is good. It takes a lot of time to work with each piece. In fact, she and I share the same labor intensive process to create the work we do in mosiac tile work, and glass art. "Keep on truckin"...Debbie! It was nice to meet your husband too!

How cool is this???

Yes, this is a live floral display. Lisa, the owner and operator of T & T Florist created this floral arrangement. It is very unique. She had many other floral displays that were just out of this world. It reminded me of the floral displays at the larger four star hotels I have visited that change daily. What a talented lady she is. She is originally from Florida and is also a photographer. She and her team have planted some fertile seeds in Tecumseh with this event.
The town is blessed to have her.

More artist's at "Follow the White Rabbit" art show.

Dana P. does great work. Lime green's, pinks, yellows, and reds!
Ryan Day...(my daughter) entered three photos. She has a great eye and catches these special moments in her photographs.
Cynthia and her son Dakota also entered art in this show. Dakota does the pottery, and Cynthia does just about everything else.

Myself, Doris, and Carolyn

We are standing in front of Carolyn's art. Doris did not enter this year. Carolyn painted three beautiful paintings. You can see how large the red flowers are to Carolyn's right. She is a realist painter. It is amazing how much Carolyn can see in something so simple. When you look at her art, you are amazed at all the details she was able to capture in that moment.

Follow the White Rabbit Art Show, in Tecumseh. Ok.

This art show is in its second year. Each piece of art sold, twenty percent goes to the Tecumseh High School Art Department. It is fun to be a part of. Lisa, Candice, Tim, and Kelly, from T & T Florist put it all together. This takes weeks of planning and they did a wonderful job.

Two classy, talented ladies....

This is Doris and Carolyn. They are talented artist's who paint with acrylic and oils. They are two of the eleven artists in the "In Your Eye Gallery" in Oklahoma City. You have got to watch these two...or they will get into touble...my dog found her way into Carolyn's heart, and even though I told them both that she jumps on you sometimes and she doesn't need much encouragement to do so....as we got out of the car, there was Doris. When Hide had jumped up on Doris, they were almost the same height. Her claws got stuck on Doris's clothes and I had to help her get Hide off !!!!!!!
They agreed to come out to my place in the country after the "Follow the White Rabbit" art show, in Tecumseh, Ok. They are a lot of fun to be with, and I hope I can spend more time with them both.

Angels, Angels, and more Angels.....

The following pictures will show the first batch of angels I have made this year.
Last year, these sold very quickly.

Angels range is size from:
3-4 inches - $23.00
6-7 inches - $30.00
8-9 inches - $35.00

No two are alike. Each comes with a tiny cloth bag which includes a saying, quote, or sripture. At this time, I am looking into adding a hanging/holder or stand, that will allow the angel to be hung where it can be admired while setting on a bookshelf, TV, or desk.
Packing and shipping costs would need to be added onto the cost of the angel. This amount would depend on where angel is being shipped.
If you are interested, please email me, and lets visit.

Thank you for looking.

Earth Tone Angels....

Free Flowing Angel - She has long flowing wavy hair...glancing to the side. Green leafy accents, with a green rhinestone, encircled with smaller clear rhinestones in the middle. Two lime colored beads on either side.
Miss Houty Touty - different floral patterns on each plate, but are all pink and green in color. Eyes closed...but singing from a hymnal...go figure!
Tiny brown bear - He is little, about three inches tall. Simple in pattern, but sweet!
White Angel - She is white in color. Large clear rhinestone vintage pin, with dangling pearl - like bead.


These are fancy angels to me. Frilly, pink, detailed. They are about 8-9 inches tall.

One more Red Angel...

Interesting expression...and I like the way I titled her head...they go together...expression, tilt of the head. She is nine inches tall. One metal accent came off of a stained glass lamp, the other circular piece came from my sister-in-law, from California.

Angels..the red group!

Elaborate Angel - yet she has an innocent, simple express on her face...maybe even a little sad, but she is beautiful! She might not know how elegant she is.....YET!

Uma - At first glance...this angel just made me think of Uma Thurman, the talented and beautiful actress.
She is tall, a different kind of beautiful, bright in read and gold.
These are both 8-9 inches tall.


Mouse with moustache, with yellow glass & flowers! He is little...3-4 inches only!
Wonder what she's thinking - Clear glass leaves on bottom wings as an accent, holding a hymnal, with crystal glass gems.

Prim and proper - expects you to be at choir practice on time!!!


This angel is nine inches tall. The flat pieces are the easiest to work with, but when you start working with broken, folded pieces of broken glass that takes much more time. It makes a nice ruffle in her skirt though! SOLD!!!

Little Bear - I don't have a nice enough camera to catch some of these details...the little bear has a really cute face, singing with a hymnal, wearing a jeweled beret.

Angels have infilterated my home!!!

Turquoise Angel - I was drawn to her the most...this is a favorite color of mine....maybe that it why. Yes, the angels visited my home, and I met each one personally!
They are all for sell, as they want to visit other people's homes, and bring peace and joy.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making Angels

These are a couple of Angels I made. In fact I made twenty three different kinds. I will soon be adding pictures of them all to the blog. I break the glass, turn the shapes into wings, add the body, and detail with the assorted heads, hymnals made from mosiac pieces, and glass leaves.
None are alike. SOLD!

Bottle Tree and more...

This is my friend Linda. I have been working on this tree for a few years. I just keep adding bottles, thicker and thicker, higher and higher. It is neat when the sun shines through the glass, or when it rains. When the raindrops hit the bottles, it makes different musical notes.
Me with my dog Hide. Border Collie, Australian Shepherd mix. She runs with me everytime I go. You can see my pond behind me.
I finally got these lilly pads to grow, after trying to start them for the last three years. Soon, they will cover my whole pond. It will create more habitat for the fish, but I think will more the pond more enchanted.

Just Posing....

My friend, Linda took this picture. It was fun goofing off. I got that little dog at an antique store. That is where he ended up.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Painting on the bus!

Looking at my supplies...

My girlfriend came over for awhile and she took some pictures of me working in my studio. THe large pieces of glass I will be using in a commission.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"The Big One"

My first fish. I sketched the basic shape of the body from a picture, and then cut into the glass. Like a painter, I tried to add different lines on his body, fins, and mouth so that you could see some depth. If you look closer, the curving glass line added over his eye, made him look a little mean....as if to say....no one is catching me! This is John. I have known him for almost ten years. He owns a beautiful 80 acre farm near Cromwell, Ok. There are pecan trees, peach trees, blackberries to pick, a golf driving range, and several stocked ponds to fish from. Co-existing with nature is his first love.

He seemed to like what I created.
He likes to see the actual image in a design, rather than abstract designs. It is more of a challenge to me, using another person's image of a fish, but that is what I like about creating. There is always something new to learn that challenge you every day.

My First Fish.....

I used this picture to get my inspiration. I didn't have the exact colors in my studio to work with, so I just focused on the shape and used all earth tone colors. I thought about how the pond looks mossy, or brown with mud. Of course...I have to put my own spin on the design, and added glass gems, geodes for his fins and cut the glass around him so it would look like he was splashing out of the water.

Meet a special friend of mine....

This is a dear friend of mine, named Pauline. I met her years ago when we worked together. She has lived in this house for 49 years. She remembers how they would wash their clothes in a big kettle. She and her husband had two children together. They raised cows and bees to make honey. Pauline's husband passed away many years ago. He used to also play a mean fiddle she says.
She wanted to take me to her shed to get some old glass lights that she thought I could use in my glass art. How can you not like her sweet smile....if you could know her, you would see that her heart is just as gentle. She still likes to read to children, and believes having an education is very important. Would you believe that during this past school year, she had tutored two young girls to read, and helped them with homework?
In this shed was where they kept the meat. Cows, and pigs were what helped them get through.

She has such a young heart...we talk about a lot of things together. I always send her a postcard from each state that I visit when I am working all over the country. I have kept up with this committment for the past five and a half years. She gave me some peat moss plants and a hot pepper plant to take home and grow. She says some of most favorite times are sitting out on her porch watching her hummingbirds.