Saturday, July 30, 2011

Geodes, Sage and Sunset

Possibilities for the Paseo Originals Art Gallery. Located in the Paseo District. Click on this link to see more:

 Red bullseye glass and hand mixed & spread bubble glass utilized. Sage colored leaves throughout accented with acrylic clear gems, clear glass gems. Solder stained with black patina.  Three geodes and nodules added. 

Abstract Crosses

 Black detail, burgundy and gold glass, ceramic tiles, glass gems and beads.
 Silver detail, turquoise, tan, auburn glass with "Boy Cherub" in center and pieces of tan broken lampshade.
"Blue Plate" Cross. Antique blue plate with geode as center piece. Purple, red, cobalt blue and turquoise glass, glass gems and beads.

Garden Lamp and Nesting Quail Mirror

 Detail front.
Nesting Quail Mirror

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finished: "Flower Sconce" for the October 1st, 2011 Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition 12x12 Fundraiser

After three years I was finally invited to submit work for the October 1st, 2011 Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition 12x12 Fundraiser held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The 12x12 is the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's only fundraiser. It provides an evening of art by some of Oklahoma’s finest artists, delectable food and fun. Many art lovers begin or grow their art collection at this event. With 150 Oklahoma artists participating, a wide variety of styles and media are represented. Each artist submits one artwork that is twelve-by-twelve-inches or smaller.
I immediately thought of a sconce of some sort which could be lit up throughout the evening event. I was ready to work with some of my favorite colors which are shades of red, orange, fuchsia, and chartreuse.  With those colors in mind, how could I not consider creating a bright bold flower. Look how it turned out and I love it! The photo below shows the sconce with no lights shining inside.  
This photo shows the left view. I had broken up a big red vase at home before I left for New Mexico. I foiled most of the large chunks plus several broken pieces of a fuchsia antique plate. One of my special finds at Green's Corner in Shawnee, Ok. When I came home I cut several more pieces, then foiled and soldered each one together in the shape of a big flower. I stained the silver solder lines with a Black Patina. 

I have a feeling it will sell. I also have a feeling I will want to make several more of these  flower sconces but in different colors and in different types of flowers.  YAY!
This is a photo showing the right side. It fits within a 12x12 space and is four inches thick at it's widest point.  
Click to this link to find out more information:

Two windows ready to go....

Thought I would finally get a picture with me holding my Glass Art.
Two windows.
Their title: "Eleven".

A visit to the Walden Gallery on Kit Carson Rd. in Taos, New Mexico

Stood here a year ago. Glad to have my glass art up in this area.
Some glass art for sale at the Walden Gallery.

Standing near "Blooming Red Cactus".
Jim and Donna admiring the art from outside.

Meeting another talented artist in Red River, New Mexico

This is Eukie. A talented Mosaic artist who lives and teaches in Red River. I saw her art as I was riding through on my bike in Red River. We had lots of things in common, especially our passion for creating with found objects in Mosaic or Stained Glass work.   

This is Mike, Eukie's boyfriend. He is a talented musician. We listened to his music on the way home. So smooth and clear. This is his newest CD. He wrote all of the music and lyrics himself. Check it out.

Some of Eukie's Artwork

This piece of art that caught my eye in the window as I rode by.  This piece now hangs in my home. We traded some art so we both now have a few pieces of each others work which inspires us.

Cool skull and flowers. She cuts the glass and uses the glass originally in the window frame as her canvas. She then applies a layer of grout. Mosaic work on glass.
A paver that Eukie made.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Getting warmer in Albuquerque.

"Eleven" unwrapped.

Ron and Christina finally getting to see the windows up close.

Jim helping to insert the windows in the spaces.

Climbing to the top of the ladder.

Way up high. Inserting second window. Both windows fit perfectly. 

Light shining through them both.

What an addition to this area! Pictures just can not depict the vibrant glow these windows brought to the atmosphere of this room.  

So proud.
So excited.

A view from outside their home.

Can't wait to see what these look like from outside when the bedroom light is on. Just like Ron said, "Its Communty Art". As people drive by, they can see the beautiful design up high. What an accent inside the home as well as an accent outside of the home.
 A photo with a flash and one without. Ron and Christina, proud owners of "Eleven". Two beautiful windows that are a one-of-a-kind glass design.
Here are some comments about the windows from those who have supported my art journey the past eleven years. They are from former customers, lovers of art, friends and family from all over the country:
"How wonderful that you have a profession that you love, it shows in your work".
"This is beautiful. It really looks good in their room. I bet the owners are happy and so are you".
"You go Sista! You have pure talent! Simply AEEEWWWSSOOOMMMEE".
"Simply gorgeous".
"Those are beautiful".
"Beautiful Lynn, You will have to have her send pictures after they are installed. That will make the whole room"!!!
"Hi Lynn, I see your stained glass artwork continues to wow us".
"Absolutely beautiful! The windows will be stunning in their bedroom. You're talent is a precious gift.  Keep'em coming".
"Very nice".
"Great work".
"Really very beautiful".
Lynn, This is fascinating. I have been yard working all day and viewing this was "my break". I think I went over my "allowed" break time since they were so interesting to look at".
"Beautiful, I know your patrons will be absolutely thrilled. Good job".
"You go girl! Congratulations, I hope this leads to more commissions".
"The windows are beautiful. As you stated, they are really going to add to the overall richness of the room. I am in awe of your talent and so happy that you have this creative outlet".
"Beautiful work, what a talent".
Hey Jennifer Lynn. Very nice, but ours is still your best. 
"Those look fabulous, Lynn. I would love to see them installed".
"Loved them, thanks for sharing and I love mine too".
"I love these pieces. Would love to see the studio sometimes. Glad you are living your artistic self - it suits you".
"Beautiful work, Lynn".
"Very beautiful".
"She will love the Color Splash".
"You just get better and better".
"These are absolutely beautiful".
"You are such a genius. See, I said I would one day I'll say, "I knew her when".

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally finished...

 These photos show the two window designs completed. I put a coffee mug in the bottom right hand corner so you could see the mug in relation to the size of the windows. 

These photos show the room where the windows will be installed and some colors the customer provided me as a guide. From additional photos and discussions with the customer, I went and selected several pieces of glass that she could considered for the project.  From that group of glass colors the customer then chose the final colors to be used. What do you think?  I believe the windows will be a rich asset to the overall look of this room.   

Windows in my frontroom....

Side angle photo of the windows.  

Further back, photo taken about 8:30pm, light reflected from behind the glass design.
The photo below shows what the windows looked like at night. Light reflected onto the surface of the glass design.