Sunday, April 27, 2008

To my Commission Customers....

Hello to:

Cynthia W.
Catherine E.
Landa D.
Jim and Lyn
Karen O.
Jim B.

I have not forgotten your ideas and what you hope to create through me.
I have not had the time, or the right mindset to create anything new since the new year.
My recent promotion within the Federal Head Start world, does not allow too much time for long, uninteruppted right brained thinking....
As the season winds to an end or slow-down...I will be able to begin work again in my medium.
This should be around June, July, August, and maybe September.
Believe me...cutting and breaking glass is something I have truly missed over these few months, although I have attended several art functions and this helps.

I will be sending an email within the month explaining terms, and what is required to hold your spot in the line-up if you are still interested.



In the next five or six blogs, you will be able to see information about what art pieces are still left available for sale from the COLORLICIOUS SHOW, which occured on Feburary 1st, 2008 and pictures and stories from the MONTAGE "PILAGIO" FESTIVAL, April 19th and 20th.

Start from from the bottom of April entries and work your way up.

What pieces are left from the COLORLICIOUS SHOW.....they ARE FOR SALE!!!!

This shows the current display in the gallery.
Yellow/Lime Squeeze (top) 3ft long by 2 ft wide. $700.00
See, Hear, Feel Flower (bottom) 3ft wide by 2 1/2 ft, wide. $1100.00
Yellow Abstract Banana $210.00 4 ft. long, 1 ft. wide. Can hang this way, or turned going cross ways.
Yello/Green Maze $200.00 2 1/2 ft wide, 1 1/2 feet long. Can hang either way.

Scenes from the Montage "Pilagio" Festival, April 19th and 20th, 2008

My daughter Ryan, (the photographer)
Me, inside the display arranging some art.
Our display from the back.

Without these people, the festival would not have been possible!!!

These people enabled me to partipate in this festival:

Angie Hayes of:
Angie Momma's Tea Room.
106 East Main St.
Shawnee, Ok.
(they send goodies all over the country, great little tea room, fresh food and bakery items) THANK YOU ANGIE!
Barbara and Larry Wallace of Applied Video in Edmond, Oklahoma.
(Video and Editing services) Larry is adding three TV show segments to my web site...coming soon!
THANK YOU LARRY AND BARBARA, your other sister!
Linda Terrell, Girlfriend in Crime!!!!
Norman, Oklahoma
Sue Sultz, who makes me look beautiful!
If you want to look great, call her. She makes buying the right products for your face easy to do.
She is an Independant Beauty Consultant Shawnee, Ok.
Cheryl Key
Customer of my art.
When I offered to give her back more money than was needed she said:," Please keep - no matter what the jurors decide, you have brought beauty into my life".
Ardmore, Ok. and Baton Rouge, La.
Johnita and Lionel Turner of Willow Way Bed & Breakfast
A beautiful hideway in Oklahoma City. Also a customer and supporter of my art.
27 Oakwood Dr.
Oklahoma City, Ok.
Joe Day, Oklahoma City, Ok.
Ryan and I thank your for all your help.
An artist herself, oil painter, and water colorist.
She is my true inspiration, I plan to pass on the creative torch she gave me, to my daughter, Ryan.
See you in a few weeks!

Montage Festival, April 19 & 20th

Montage Festival, April 19th and 20th in Oklahoma City. My daughter and I entered this festival together. She brought her beautiful photography and I brought my bright, reflective glass art. Although we did not sell much, she and I had a great time together. We lead such busy lives and being stuck together for two days and three nights...gave us lots of opportunity to catch up, laugh, and just watch people. She was a great help to me. Several people admired her photos, and we laughed alot.
Other artist's tents.

I remember two ladies from this festival.

One lady bought a small angel that had colors of burnt red, orange, and yellow. She said that her daughter was killed in a tragic car accident four months ago, and that her daughter always liked these colors. She said she had an area in her home where some of her daughter's special things were. When she looks upon these items, she remembers her daughter and that when she got home she is hanging the little angel up with the other items.

Life is fragile.

Another lady came by. She walked around and thru my display several times. She then said that for several years she had wanted to find a glass artist that would read Revelations 22 and create a glass design based on what is described in this chapter. (Not a typical request). After looking at my style, she thought that I would be the one. So we exchanged information...who knows...I may or may not hear from her, but it has aroused my curiousity and I will read this chapter.

I have often thought it would be interesting to read scripture and create a piece of art from what I have read, maybe this is my chance.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Visiting Emporium, PA.

Flew into Emporium, PA. this past Sunday.
This is a small town. An extremely rural area composed mostly of the Allegheny National Forest area in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania.

The sun is shining here, and it is very comfortable.

I miss my art, but I can't be in both worlds at the same time.
I am in the left brained world of logic, and miss the right brain world of creativity.

Met a wonderful lady last week in Troy, Alabama. A writer, her name is Paula Coomer from Washington State.
Check her books out on Amazon. Really talented writer. We are both right brained people working in a left brained world. I got to spend some time with her, and that was so nice.

Be well.

In a few weeks I head to California for a job in Visalia, Ca. Afterwards, I get to drive to Redding to see my family. I am looking forward to this trip.