Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Birthday present to me......

 The photos above and below show two small paintings I bought created by Artist Domonique Boisjoli. I wish I could have afforded larger pieces. See the huge bouquets of flowers she created on the large canvas in the photos below.

Artwork of Dominique Boisjole

 These were all huge paintings, selling between $4,000.00 and $6,000.00 dollars plus. I was memorized by them all. I love the colors she chooses and of course, I have always loved flowers. My dream is to take classes from her someday.
Her gallery in Sante Fe, NM is beautiful.
Click on the link for more information:

Thursday, March 8, 2012


 I have been working with glass for eleven years. My art is for sale in Taos, New Mexico at The Walden Fine Art Gallery, the Adelante Tea House gallery in Ashland, Oregon, and the Firehouse Art Center, in Norman, Oklahoma.  I incorporate found objects in with my sculpted glass art to make edgy, and original artwork. I make flat panels, sconces, lamps, angels, you name it, I am always pushing the envelope with my glass. I also create windows for homes as private commissions. The past two years I have begun painting with acrylics. 

Sage and Cranberry Sunset

 Sage and cranberry colored Bulleye glass sculpted with geodes, clear acrylic pieces and clear glass gems throughout center.   
 Close-up detail shot.  
Sunlight reflecting through the glass design. 

Cherub Garden

"Cherub Garden"
Metal flower frame. Small Cherub Angel faces for flowers. Traditional Porcelain flowers soldered in design with lime green, purple violet and mauve glass, striped glass beads attached.  
With outdoor light shining through.

Blue Pieces of Glass Art

"Burst of Blue" Lighted Sconce.
14 inches in circumference, 5 inches deep.
Cobalt blue bottle top, chartreuse glass gems, sculpted with broken vases with turquoise and gold detail, geodes also soldered in. 

"Blue Plate Cross"
Blue, turquoise, purple glass with antique  broken plate built in center with large blue geode.
27 1/2 inches tall.
12 1/2 inches wide.