Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red Geode Abstract

This was a glass abstract design I created last year.  A couple purchased this framed glass art from the Walden Fine Art Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.  They enjoyed what it brought to their lives so they asked me to create another original and edgy glass art design in two windows in their home. Using this similar design and style but in different colors, shapes and accents. 

Foiling the geodes and nodules and other small accents.

This photo does not show the true colors of these geodes and nodules but it does show the copper foiling process I must complete on every single piece that goes into this design.  
After each piece is carefully wrapped in copper foil, I use a wooden fid that has a tip on one end and a thick rounded edge at the other end. I have used this fid for at least ten years now. I have two and they are my favorite tools to use for this process.

Foiling other small accents.

These are other small objects I may use in the design.  The photos above and below used to be drinking glasses and cups that were broken. I use a rubber mallet to do this.  When I swing the mallet I am trying to aim so that the unique design or shape of the glass can be used. In this case, I thought the little clear dots would be an intriguing detail.  The photo below shows some broken pieces from two glasses that the customer provided.  These pieces show other colors and lines that will also be considered.  One of the most enjoyable parts of my process is adding together all different kinds of items to create one overall beautiful design.   

These are some glass gems that I may add to the design.  My process involves layering in the different colors and accents. These small pieces, if used would be the last layer.  I won't know when or how to use them until I get to that point in the creative process.   It is a fun adventure though.

Examples of color provided by the customer

The photos above show the examples of color and designs in the area where the two glass windows will be. The photos below show the different shades of glass that have been chosen to add to and compliment this area of their home.     
Remember - glass will always keep you guessing. When light is reflected behind and through this glass, the colors will radiate throughout an entire room.  The customers envision a window with shades of warm amber tones, cream, caramel and beige reflected through the geodes and nodules with accents of teal, and cornflower blue. 

The windows

These are the two windows where the glass abstract design will be.

Cutting the frames.

These photos show the six foot long pieces of channel I use to create the frame.

The measurements and angles must be exact. I use different tools to help me do this. When finished, the frame will be 1/16 of an inch smaller all around so that it fits easily into the two window spaces.

Two frames finished.

These photos show the frames completed. Each side was carefully measured and cut. I used a miter joint on the top corners.  After they were measured and cut each corner was fluxed and soldered together. These frames now define the space for me to work within. When the windows are mounted they will be secured around the edges with a thin wood trim that will cover the silver channel.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blue Cross

An eclectic but elegant design. The past few weeks I have had some extra time on my hands. I got the itch to work with glass and make something. With this extra creative energy I pulled together alot of different items that were sitting around in my studio and made this.  
It is two feet tall and one foot wide (at it widest points).  It is beautiful hanging in a window or hanging on a wall with proper lighting. The darker photo provides a more dramatic look.  There is a crazy balanced chaos to this but it works and it was what I was feeling at the time.
I incorporated into this design the following items: 
Vintage jewelry
Terra Cotta handpainted tiles
Vintage Blue and Gold painted saucers
Glass gems
White Bullseye glass
Turquoise cracked glass Vintage Lamp
Painted Blue glass flower
Porcelain glass hand with yellow flower

"Blooming Red Cactus" or "Sea Anemone"

What does it look like to you?
I bought a couple of giant red/orange vases that had a bumpy texture to the thick glass. I broke them and put the shapes together that made the most sense and this is what happened.  I had a desore to get my hands going, get my head and heart back in the glass and awaken my imaginative side. I found the glass flowers a few days after I started the process in a thrift store in Shawnee, Ok.
There is an expolsion of color when the light shines through it.  You could put a small light inside, a candle, a string of tiny red or white Christmas lights, etc. It definitely must be placed in direct sunlight from any nearby window to reach and provide its fullest potential.
The inspiration for this piece of glass art came from my experinces in Sedona, AZ.  It was spring and there were vibrant flowers blooming out of cacti. I wondered to myself how did they bloom so vibrant in such a rouch, dry, and windblown terrain?  This made such an impression on me. Thriving in the midest of adversity.   

"Blooming Red Cactus" or "Sea Anemone"

I set it inside against a white background. It is a bold design. I like it.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Angels Galore!!!

 During the past four months of work travel - I would have a chance to spend a day or two at home.  Glass work can be very labor intensive and time consuming.  When I would get antsy to create and had little time I would create these angels.  They are made with glass, broken plates or cups, silver wire and glass beads. Accents on their robes are small pieces of vintage jewelry.

All of the angels in this and photos following are for sale at The Adelante Gallery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and The Firehouse Art Center in Norman, Oklahoma.  Google them, call or pay a visit so you can see all of the other beautiful artwork on display.   

Yellow and Gold Angels

Pink Angels

More Pink Angels