Saturday, November 29, 2008



Jim said...want to go to the Christmas boat show down at the river? I said YES...not knowing exactly what I had said yes to...but I am always up for an adventure.
It was cold.

I had not heard of this event before but it is in its 5th year. The day after Thanksgiving, the Oklahoma River came to life and illuminated the night with decorated boats of every shape and size. We saw cool decorated boats...(see below), and fireworks. I am glad I went!

Trying to squeeze in a picture!

Check out the sparkle and lights below!

Some of the boats in the Christmas Parade

A couple of pictures of Santa's sleigh and his reindeer.
This was a speed boat. When I snapped the shot it was moving as you can tell because of the image. The lights on top were antlers, and it had a big red ball for a nose in the front. The boat was lit up as Rudolph. It was a speed boat, and you could tell by the sound of its engine. I wish it could have sped by really fast...but at night, during a Christmas boat parade with others out on the water...that might not have been the best idea.

Fireworks on the Water...

The bridge lit up. These lights changed colors from white, two blue and white, to red, and red and green. Pretty cool!

Cool firework NOVEMBER!!!

An Angel completely done...and heading to Colorado now!

A closeup of her upper body.
Full view from the front. A view small crystals were added later in the center under her chin.
I am hoping that Jim and Lynn will send me a picture of her at the top of their Christmas tree. This was my first angel as a tree-topper. People have given me ideas such as making Christmas Trees, and Snowmen to add to my Christmas angels collection. Who knows what is in store for 2009.

How each Angel is created...

This is the back side of this angel. The customers wanted me to create angel that could be a tree topper, so we worked back and forth to exchange ideas as to how this could work. The customers live in Aurora, Co.

Another view from the back.
The top view.

Etching. This is something new I have added into certain glass art designs. In long hand calligraphy, I wrote the words..."Love bears all Things".
It add a small detail that I like.

How an Angel is created...

Then copper foiling is put around each piece. I use a fid to smooth the copper edges, flux each piece, and solder each piece.
It starts like this: broken pieces of a plate, then a cut glass body and small glass designs and shapes for added accents.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pink and Chocolate Angel Commission

This is an elegant angel. The customer wanted chocolate brown and pink. She also wanted sparkle and "bling" I gave it to her. I had originally thought I would hang the chain down from her neck..but something told me try the "hips" and I liked how it turned out.
The chain hanging from her hip fit her, I thought.
I have one more commission angel to finish for a couple in Denver. I will see be posting this on the blog as well, when I am finished.
Thank you for supporting my angel is not over for me yet. What you will review on the blog entried below will be my last batch for 2008. I created over one hundred angels. I will continue to make them...but have stopped for the 08 year.
They have flown off to many other homes to live. My prayer is that whomever purchased one that they and the receiever of the angel continue to be blessed every day of the year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last batch of angels for 2008

Sorry, forgot to turn this clockwise...she is a little crazy angel. It is a chipmunk...her wings really used to be her tail. I put a little crown on her...and even though she looks strange...she still is cute to me. This is a view from underneath, so you could see her body as well.
Two large angels. Golden glass...with gold crystal chain hanging in front. Below...animal print print angel. Dark sage green glass, with gold accents around collar. 45$ SOLD


These two remind me of the zodiac...spiritual angels floating through the zodiac. They are "different" but they have sold!!! SOLD

Last batch for 2008

She is holding onto a hymnal.
Little angel...holding hymnal.

Last Batch of Angels in 2008

Green mosac angel!
Yellow gold, pink and green angels.

Yello, bright and dunny angels!

Last Batch of angels for 2008

Pink and green angel. SOLD

Yellow and gold with vintage pin.

Tan, gold and porcelin glass plate for wings.

Last batch of angels for 2008

Flowery gold angel with gold glass gems. Oranges and pinks throughout.
Drama Queen Blue...glue and greens with large vintage rhinstone jewelry piece in center.

These were two tiny and pink in color.

Flying blue angel. Flower pin attached. Bluegreen colors for textured glass in body of angel.

Last batch of angels for 2008!

Large medevil looking. I later etched some diamonds in the glass. 45$
Slender purple and gold. 40$

Green Harvest angel. She sells for 45$

Baby blue angel with blue glass gems on the sides and vintage blue flower in center. 45$

My friend Linda and her angel!

Purple, gold, and mauve is the color of this angel.
This is Linda. A special friend of mine I have known almost twenty years. She told me one day that someone came to her and said she resembled Diane Lane...I kind of think so myself.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Me standing with my angel and glass art display.

Just me and my art!

Angels on display.

These little angels did not last long. Friday evening I sold at least twenty plus. They have gone on to bless the homes they will live in. I will be making more as Christmas is still a few months away.

Fall has found our beautiful Paseo District.

Aren't these pictures beautiful to look at? I was helping set up our gallery for our November artwalk and couldn't help notice how colorful the trees were. I went outside and snapped these photos. The colors of the trees with the colors of the buildings make this city block surreal.
Fall has found our beautiful Paseo District.