Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first bottle tree...working on another now!!!

This is a picture of my bottle tree near the drive where I live. It took me a few years to get all these bottles collected and hung. When the sun shines through the glass it is so cool. Sometimes when it rains....when I have stood near the bottle tree I hear the different sounds (tones) when the raindrops hit the bottles.
I am working on another bottle tree. One my best friends, Linda from Norman Oklahoma helped me today. She did a great job. We had fun working on this together.

Nailing the nails and hanging the bottles...

The ladder had to be fully extended at twelve feet to get those bottles at the top....it will take many more bottles before this tree is completed....but it will be fun to keeping adding to it.

I caught the sun reflecting through the bottles...isn't it cool? Linda was brave to climb so high. The wind was blowing hard from the south. This was a cool project to start together.

Linda crawled up the ladder higher than I did....she is shorter than I am...and had to reach further...."be one with the hammer"...."be one with the hammer".
That is what we kept telling each other...so we could get those nails in deep while working from such high up.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

We wish you blessings for the holidays and throughout the entire year!

My daughter and I spent Christmas Eve at the historic and newly rennovated Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. I love old classics and this hotel was extremely unique. It was decorated for the holidays...which gave the atmosphere an added special ambiance.
We explored most every floor and all of the big meeting rooms. It was built in the 1900's. All of the rennovation was built to preserve the original designs of that era. If you are ever in Oklahoma City, and want an alternative place to stay some place special...check it out. It would be worth it.

I am so proud of Ryan, she is spreading her wings and finding her way. There is no other child I would rather have then my beautifully spirited and loving child.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me and my art. I will begin my ninth year working with glass. There is "NO WAY" that I could ever take full responsibility for my accomplishments...without giving great credit to all those that have supported me, loved me, forgiven me when I fell short and celebrated my growth as an artist and a human being. Thank you!!!

Remember...the best things in life are not things...but family and friends..and the precious gift of life. 2009 will be our year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

December Artwalk on Paseo...The Three Witches of Eastwick???

Gayle - Michelle Pfeiffer, Dana - Susan Surandon.....and me - Cher? And Jack Nicholson? Jack Hill....was our Jack Nicholson!!! Weren't those the three actresses who played in the movie? We felt like art-witches of Paseo. On that special night all of us wore our flowing, artful black capes and felt "witchful" together.
This was when we were creating a mysterious spell!

This was when we were stirring our imaginary big black crock pot blended with imaginary special oils and rare ingrediants!!! Dana - kept chanting something that started with "toils and troubles...mixed with .....something...unfortunately I had to keep asking her to repeat it....as it had been some time since I had mixed such a powerful brew!

We really are pleasant witches...can't you tell?

More fun in the night...Doris and Dana!

Two talented artists who paint beautifully, Doris Swanson and Dana Powell. They have colorful, detailed work on display at In Your Eye Gallery. They add so much to our group. That Doris.... is always up to mischievous and playful fun, while Dana usually arrives wearing unique, edgy assecories. Check out that necklace. Cool huh!

People...the heart of any event!!!

Gayle and Karen. Wow...what can I say? Talented in their own right as artists....yet they do so much more for the enviroment here on Paseo. Karen is the President of the Paseo Artist Association. In other words she oversees the organization and growth of Paseo, a unique and historic arts district in the heart of old downtown. She has many other artists who help her. She does a great job and I am proud to help her in anyway. Gayle is the Vice-President. Her talents lie in graphic and web design. She also thinks "big picture", "outside the box" and is very objective.

This is Gayle, myself, Doris, and Dana. We all had so much fun during this artwalk together. We have become friends....and as you know...family and friends are the best gifts anyone can EVER receive at Christmas time. Not sure what was going on with my mouth at the time!!
Gayle, Karen, Doris, and Dana. It was an interesting night. We sold some artwork, but also had time to "let down" a little and enjoy each other's company.

More people - more fun at the December Artwalk at "In Your Eye Gallery"

This is Doris and her two artful friends, Leslie Dallam and Carla Waugh. All three artists will be featured in our next art opening, called "Three Norman Artist on Paseo. Opening reception is Friday, January 2nd from 6:00pm-10:00pm. In Your Eye Gallery will also be hosting the Prairie Rattler Winery located located near Shidler, OK. Show runs thru January 31st.
This is me with Jim Brown. He is a good friend that supports our little gallery. His dad was Jack Hill - a talented artist who was a part of our gallery and of the Paseo District. Jim - like his dad is a strong supportor of the arts. He contributed some Kay Orr paintings to the last gallery showing, which also featured artist Karen Orr and Carolyn Chandler.

Christmas Carols being sung at Paseo......

Look at the smiles! Everyone having fun!

Is that our "SUE" in the red? She was supposed to be selling art...but look here she is singing away with the best of them! You go GIRLFRIEND!!!

This little choir mingled through the galleries in Paseo at our recent artwalk. They had little booklets filled with various Christmas songs. They sang with joy, happiness and glee!
Next year I plan to join as I love to sing.... especially sing Christmas carols at Christmas.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Commission pick up!

Diana and Victor from Ardmore, Oklahoma came to pick up their glass art. "Susan" one of the fastest horses at Remington Park Race Track for the 100 yard dash...and "Sunflowers" as another gift for Christmas. Victor as also done some stained glass himself. Thank you for letting me create for you!

Angel made it to Colorado on top of a Christmas Tree!!!

Jim and Lynn, who live in Colorado have been such faithful supporters of my edgy, original glass art. I love creating art for them because they are always "game" as a couple to come up with creative ideas.

An angel as a tree topper was their idea. Not mine! I carefully constructed the angel and hoped that Jim and Lynn would get creative together on how it could best glorify the tip of their beautiful tree....and look....wa-la! It is beautiful!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I had fun with this one. The customer wanted a smaller frame with sunflowers....
It was the first time I had attempted these floral designs...and I really enjoyed it.

These photos were taken, some with a flash and some without.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


See below to read about this oustanding horse!!!
Surrounded by Black Eyed Susan flowers!

This is a favorite race horse of the customer. The horse's name is Black Eyed Susan, but they call her "Susan". She has won a number of races over the last few years. She is small and quick. One of the races she has won is the 100 yard dash at Remington Park where she set a record for the fastest time. The customer and I talked about several ideas. She sent many pictures. She wanted the Blacked Eyed Susan flower within the piece somewhere along with the horse if possible. This horse has a distinctive white spot on her forehead which I did my best to capture.
I hope to meet this horse someday and ask her if she likes the way I designed her in glass.

Black Eyed Susan

This is one of the sketches I started with and kept in mind throughout the whole piece.
At my workshop table...you can see how I started to lay in the greenery on the sides of the design.

After I had cut the flowers I began working with the shoulders of the horse.

These were all the flowers I just handwashed.

Black Eyed Susan

I just finished cutting all of the petals of the flowers and added the black accents for the middle.
This is Black Eyed Susan...the horse in glass. I had not done a horse before. I had to keep working with her eyes, which eventually became smaller, and less obvious.

These are the black eyed susan flowers soldered into the frame, over the green vines behind which were layered underneath.

Black Eyed Susan

She is almost done. I need to fill in with one more flower and clean the glass a little more and she will be finished!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas spirit around my house!

These cheerful faces greet me every morning from my kitchen window. I think they secretly jump off from the window's edge and play near the Christmas tree.
Sante Fe Christmas in my office. I decorated this cactus with lights. I used to have a larger cactus just like this one, who grew to be ten feet tall. I could not get it back into my house after growing so fast during a hot Oklahoma summer. I lost it in a winter freeze but managed to cut a "live" piece off and get it growing. This is the little piece off of the big one. I hope this one grows just as big.

This picture I took of an antique cardboard nativity scene I purchased at an estate sale many years ago. I put it out every Christmas. This one view shows the kneeling shepherds before the baby Jesus.

My living room with my Christmas tree. My daughter said that my house looks like it was meant for Christmas as it is warm and cozy.

This doesn't show much Christmas spirit, but it does show lots of color. I was snapping a picture of my studio inside my house where I work in case it is too cold or too hot.

Heart with Wings Christmas ornament

This ornament was created with clear glass. Although each piece of clear glass used had different textures. I added a wire on the top and added pink beads, then covered the soldering with a black patina. It gave the piece an antique look. I will be making more ornaments like this next Christmas.

Back home and creating again!

This is an abstract cross I entered in a show at the Adlante Gallery in Paseo. The colors were warm. The geodes on this piece came from my brother who lives in California. It sells for $200.00. At the art opening another very talented artist, named Thomas Stotts painted below.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

COLD Indiana....can I jump in a fireplace somewhere?

I thought this photo looked almost like a postcard. We pass by this place everytime we go into the office to work. I just had to stop and take a shot. One evening, when we worked late...all of the trees were lit up with Christmas lights.
This is what it looks like around the building we are working within. It is a drafty old church but has plenty of room. It has been so cold here. Can't wait to get home where it is 57 degrees today!