Saturday, November 28, 2009

A New Mexico Thanksgiving

Thank you for taking the time to visit my art blog which documents my artful life.

This past Thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I went to New Mexico. I visited several galleries of course and even visited with a few gallery owners about the glass art I create. Even though those visits fed my artful spirit - the hike to Williams Lake on Thanksgiving Day fed the part of me that loves nature and longs to be in its beautiful surroundings. We chose an eight mile hike up into the Kit Carson National Park...climbing a high mountain north of the Taos Valley Ski Lodge. This trail led us to a now-frozen lake called "Williams Lake". More than half of those eight miles were uphill, trudging through winding hills in the snow. We met a handful of people - complete strangers who we wished well.

I can't tell you how beautiful and serene this place was for us on such a special day. Below are some photos and a few videos I took while we hiked. Following - some more photos of basically anything that peaked my interest while in this land of enchantment.


Videos during the on the big arrow to start the video...

What fun we had - a great workout - and no extra calories taken in for Thanksgiving!

Laughing at the top of the mountain.

I wish I had walked down to the lake...but we were pretty tired by the time we had made it there. We also did not want to walk back down the trail in the dark.

The lake doesn't look far - but if you look closely to the left edge - you can see a black spot. That spot was a family of five, one man and four kids hanging out near the lake's edge. I guess I will have to come back in the spring and visit the edge of the lake at that time.

Videos taken during our hike....

Stopping for a breather - having fun along the way.

We made it to the top.

One of the hikers behind us helped to take this photo. We felt so good to have been able to make the hike. I will be hiking more trails from here on out. Although it was challenging at times...I am ready to go hike another mountain.
You can see the frozen lake below from where this photo was taken.

A part of the trail where it had opened up. The sun was so bright here, the snow so clean, white, and untouched.

The side view of a large log that had fallen.

Another beautiful view.

Bottom of a big log that had fallen...

This was right near our trail.....
A cabin built way high up in the mountains.
Part of the road we walked up to get to the beginning of the trail.

One of the smaller cabins we walked by.

I liked this one. It was very small. I could see in the window and it looked as if the beds and kitchen table we all in one room. I think I could live there for about a month. Hidden deep - high up in the mountains. I think I would feel safe there!

More random and interesting things we saw...

Jim standing near the bottle tree. He saw the bottles glistening in the sunlight from the road where we were walking. It was beautiful. We walked over to look and see how they were hung. I have a few trees that hang over and around my bus - yeah - you know what I am thinking..bottles in the trees, plastic super heros hanging from the limbs and maybe a few cd's that catch the light...oh yeah...I see it now.
Cool Mosaic sign.

Downtown Taos.

I love this bracelet. I got this through a private commission I completed for a customer. Isn't it cool? I loved wearing it.

A different form of bottle tree ....

Jim saw these blue bottles glistening in the sun. We followed the narrow road and found this tree. Aren't they beautiful?
The photos above and below are of the inside of a Coffee Bistro in Taos.

My dog Pongo. I took him along. He is fifteen years old. WOW!

Church north of Taos, New Mexico - cool fixtures on a Coffee Bistro

This was a famous church just north of Taos, New Mexico. It is one of the most painted, most photographed churches in New Mexico. We were told that Georgia O'Keefe worked and worshipped here.
Another angle of the church and interesting colored building to the side of it.

I saw these lights and thought they were so interesting.

Other photos of the church and lighted objects hanging from the ceiling.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The stained glass work I saw...

This isn't the greatest photo - I shot this at night and I am surprised it came out. This was a glass window in a gallery in Santa Fe. It was closed when we went by and I hope to go see it again.

Stopping at a nearby village in Santa Fe, NM

Lots of beads, stone, shells....

Look at these modular buildings made of recycled railroad cars. This company builds to suit. You can buy the rooms, then attach them, wire them for electricity, cut out windows and doors where needed and there you go!!!

Me walking....gotta figure out a way to turn the video right side up!

I don't know...just felt like making this little video...but - I need to figure out how to rotate. Did you get a sore neck watching this...

Hanging out at this little village....

Check out this patio chair....I wanted to climb on top for a picture, but was afraid it might break!

Red peppers....

More pottery and more tents to visit.

More little red peppers. You can use these for decoration and also cook with these.

Odds and ends...

There were some plates/bowls I saw in this one craft village that we stopped at. I liked this Mosaic design and was drawn most to the turquoise and red colors.

Look at the small flowers painted on the top of this door. At my house I have a front door that has nine panes. I am going to go home and paint my front door with flowers like this...

An unusual place...amongst the fancy galleries...

We weren't for sure if this was a house although it was advertised with the rest of the galleries. We could not help but check it out. I am always drawn to those people who find more creative ways to live...even though it might not fit the norm.
Check out the Yucca plant decorated with Christmas decorations.

She had all these things hanging in the tree near the front. The place was called Kelly's. I knocked at the door, but no one answered.

I wish I could have met her. I know it looks like a lot of junk, but all of her junk was so interesting. She had CD's hanging in the trees and catching lots of light and reflection. She had red and yellow restaurant trays/plates that were really bright. She had plastic super hero's hanging in the tree.

Things I have seen....

This car was so cute. It was one of those little tiny vehicles they sell now, although it looked like I had put my little black Scion on high heat in the dryer and it had shrunk.
Jim and I hanging out at a Tea House. This day - we went off the beaten path to the southeast side of the main area of galleries. Yes there were many many galleries, but less people and made more for an intimate experience as you looked at all the art.

Check out the glass design in this door. I really liked it. It was the only gallery that had some glass work in it. It was closed and I hope to return.

One gallery at night. It was so cold. This photo was taken right before we got in the car to leave.

Chattering Crows up in the trees near some galleries in Santa Fe, NM

There are lots of ravens - or crows flying around through the trees here in Santa Fe. They are big big birds....and they make a lot of noise when all together.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Helping to set up the display.

Guess I was reaching for something.
Hanging the panel up in the window.

Colorful glass feathers to the left - they look good next to each other.

Looks wonderful.