Friday, March 27, 2009

Promotional Card for my Show!

Thank you Gayle for making this happen!

Pieces STILL for SALE from my "COLORLICIOUS" show February 2008

" Flowers A Go-G0" - $1100.00 (Two and a half feet tall - 21 inches at wides part).

"See - Hear- Feel" - $1500.00 (Three feet wide - two and a half feet tall).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Abstract Eagle Feathers...for the show!

Abstract Eagle Feathers – created by Jennifer Lynn Farrar.
Eagle feathers are gifts from the creator. The Eagle soars the highest and has the greatest vision. Eagle feathers are used in ceremonies to connect people to their own visions and their higher protective spirits. Traditional dancers use Eagle feathers to show their connection to the spirits. The feather is light but strong. It reminds us to carry only what we need.

A few more weeks and my "Spirit of the West" Glass Art show will be here. It is scheduled on the first Friday of April - which is April 3rd. This photo taken with lights off and with a flash.
I like they way they look when they are collected together in this design.

Celebrating our Birthdays at The Red Cup

This is my friend Bobbie and her daughter Rachel - I had just given them the cards for my show. Rachel was watching me take the picture. The Red Cup is a favorite place of mine near the gallery. Bobbie and I have birthdays near the same time so we got together for a visit. We bought a piece of chocolate cake - placed it on a birthday plate - with matching napkins and lit two candles. Then Bobbie, Rachel and myself all huddled in close to sing a soft Happy Birthday song to each other.

Rachel painted this picture and gave it to me for my birthday. I liked the colors she used. It reminded me of some of the houses I have seen in New Mexico. Thank you Rachel!!!
Have a great year Bobbie - I believe we both will !!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All three faces together.....

Titles of these works are: Osage Warrior - Medicine Man - Pawnee Belle. (My dad helped me with these names).
This was my first time to try and create a human face from glass. Unlike paint where you can brush it on, or blend with colors as you create - glass is not that forgiving. That is why these pieces were so challenging. Every tiny piece I cut had to be thought through unlike my more abstracts designs. When I cut the glass - it is final.
To me...any of these designs I could visualize as a fine art painting with oil or acryclic.

Pictures of my "Pawnee Belle" in the morning light.

She is so awesome - I don't want to sell her....thank you for taking the time to look at all of my hard work. She was worth it! Her name is "Pawnee Belle". She is 21 1/2 inches tall and 15 1/2 inches wide.

She started a long time ago and evolved overtime.

Starting to put the pieces together with solder and flux.
Pieces covered with copper foiling. This is the beginning as I had much more cutting of glass to complete her design.

Just laying out the cut pieces, experimenting as to where each piece should go, where I wanted her to go.

Eyes came last. See the copper chain in her blue scarf around her neck?

These pictures show many different phases of this piece. She had many expressions throughout, but I saw her strength and beauty everytime I worked on her and strived to bring it out.
The way her leather jacket leans with its fringe seems to give it motion. I am so proud of her. She is very ornate and it too me a LONG time to complete her.

They survived!!!

I love tulips. Tulips, irises, gladiolas, and tiger-lilies are my favorite flowers. They are so strong, so colorful and bold. I am so glad I planted this last year. The recent cold snap we had did not seem to bother them at all. They are saying, "Hello Sunshine"!!!

Ryan and I on a Billboard? You bet....

I told you we would be stars!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Commission Customers -

Just touching base with you all -

Jim and Lynn

I have not forgotten might be wondering...when can she create my unique, edgy, and original piece of glass art???

Spring is around the corner - soon summer - and when summer arrives I will have time to work on creating your ideas. I am in Denver, Colorado now...the MILE HIGH CITY...and heading home today. I will be visiting Kentucky, Texas, and New York...yes NEW YORK within the next few months to work within Head Start programs in those areas. So...before will be YOUR TIME....and I can't wait!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Setting up a new display in the gallery...

My friend Bobbie (aka - Barbrella) took these shots while I was re-working my display at the gallery. Don't know what was so funny at the time...but I am sure I was having fun as I am so thankful for the life I have. I am able to create, have freedom and do what I love. Yes - there are lean times...but I have not ever gone without anything I have needed. I have had a few angels help me along the way - and you all know who you are!!!
Here I am holding up a few small creations left from Valentines Day.

Can't remember what we were looking at. Jesse, Barbrella's son was checking out the art. If you look behind me...I got brave and decided to put my paintings up. Fifty bucks them I will be very famous one day and they will be worth millions!!!

This is me on the inside...hanging one of the large pieces. These pictures were taken by my friend Bobbie Wallace.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thank you for looking at my blog....

I hope you enjoy the following pictures. They show a wide variety of events that have taken place in the past few months. My friend Bobbie, the fires near my home, my trip to New Mexico with my friend Jim, several pieces that will be in my art show in April. Last of all a picture of the "Belle of the Ball" that was entered in a gallery show and was later purchased by an outstanding artist in Oklahoma City, Ok.

My upcoming show is called "SPIRIT OF THE WEST". Many artists have been inspired by the west and have created several pieces of art of Native Americans, Cowboys, the Buffalo in acrylic, oils, in water color or sculpture. I had decided that if I ever left Oklahoma I wanted to honor this state in glass....I love the thought....why not let a glass artist take a shot at creating images of the west? I can do it!
The show will be the first Friday in April at the In Your Eye Gallery.
Thank you for taking the time to check out what has been happening with me, my art and my life!

My trip to New Mexico...

My friend Jim and I took a train to Santa Fe. We looked through several galleries. I had so much fun. I want to go back...I want to live in New Mexico! Is there anyone who wants to switch households for a few months out of the year???
Look at the designs on the rocks. These drawings can be found in the Petroglyph National Park near Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Petroglyph National Monument has a variety of cultural and natural resources including volcanos, archeological sites and an estimated 20,000 carved images. Many of the images are recognizable as animals, people, brands and crosses; others are more complex. These images are inseparable from the cultural landscape, the spirits of the people who created, and who appreciate them.
We were out in the desert. We took a long hike around through the rocks. We left right before a bad sandstorm came. We got inside my car before it hit. Sand was blowing everywhere - sagebrush was rolling across the highway. It started quick and ended quick.

The designs seem peaceful - it reminds me of some of the designs I see today.

Artwork from a long long time ago.

Only you can prevent forest fires!!!

Check this out...just this weekend a fire broke out near my home in the country.
The fire ended approximately forty to fifty acres from my home. If the wind had been blowing harder...who knows how far it could have spread. Out where I live, we just have a VOLUNTEER Fire Department. I repeat "Volunteer". It took them a long time to get this out and I am so thankful for their help.

Greener grass will grow back in its place. Everything comes back more green and more full after a fire. We must always remember that in real life too. Any challenge makes us more wise, helps to grow us into more mature human beings.

Could we be sisters!!???

This is my friend Bobbie, but she lets me call her Barbrella! I have known her for many many years. Twenty years at least. She is a courageous woman and mother.
We met each other in church a long time ago and have stayed in touch. We like to think we are sisters because we look a lot alike. She is creative in her work designing and editing videos for churches to use in their services. Her husband also helps her and is also very talented in video production and design.

Bobbie and her son Jesse. He had a book report to read that day. He was proud of his book as you can tell.


How can I use these in my show? I am open to ideas. I bought them at a thrift shop in Shawnee, Ok.

This is what my bus looked like after I cut so many designs out of the different colors of glass for me show. Above this picture are cast iron brands that I am not sure yet what I can do with for my show. I would like to work them in a design with glass but the ideas have not come yet.

Abstract close up of an Indian Feather

Since this picture was taken I have added colors of glass gems. I also intend to use my glass etcher and will be etching some Native American designs in the glass.
I started with these cut designs.

I wanted to create his face in a glass design piece.

Take a look at this brawny, strong, healthy animal. I wanted to get a close up of his face but as soon as I stepped out to take his picture he moved up a little too close for me. I just wasn't sure if he was nice or ready to run me down.

Currently working on a female glass design..

Do you know how hard it is to cut a small pair of lips out of glass without cracking her whole face????? There is still work to be done. She needs shadowing on her hat. The turquoise glass came from a sculpted glass piece, and it represents her scarf around her neck. The tan colored glass is the leather fringe on her jacket. Old bottle caps, and Indian Head Nickel button covers will be used to accent. She still has a long way to go before I am done, but I like the direction I am going with this design. She will also be in my show.
I started with this sketch.