Saturday, April 3, 2010

a few things I did during my week at home.....

A closer look at the trio inside someones home.....another photo is below. One photo is during the bright light - the other is a later time during the day. At night-time, the colors of glass look different.
I was on the road traveling for five weeks. California, Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I had one week at home before I headed out again on Easter Sunday for another four weeks in travel. Personal time becomes so precious so I chose to plug myself into the things that fuel my engine. These next few entries lists some things I did.

I sent off some information about my glass art to a gallery in Taos, New Mexico this week. Victoria this is for you. The photo above was a private commission.
Some pieces from my "Spirit of the West" collection. This collection was successfully juried into an Exhibit at the Price Tower Art Center last August in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

This piece now hangs in Cottonwood, California and is no longer for sale. I do enjoy simple landscape designs. This is titled: Oklahoma Abstract Sunset, which was inspired by the view I had during my long jogs on an Oklahoma summer evening around dusk.

"Pawnee Belle" - still one of my favorites. Her tassels from her coat came from a broken lampshade, Indian head nickles adorn her jacket. I completed two other glass portraits which included Medicine Man and Osage Warrior.

The Buffalo - Western Landscape collection. The glass panels were hung with horse harness that geodes hung loosely from. They were turquoise in color. I liked the idea of combining glass with leather and wood and natural glass rocks.

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