Friday, August 19, 2011

"Mexican Bull"

 I was yearning to switch directions and create something more realistic in design.  When I create a more realistic shape the image is defined before I start to cut the glass.  When I work to create an abstract shape I am cutting the glass shapes with only a very general idea in mind and nothing else.  The colors and shapes dictate the overall design.    
 I first created the frame with silver channel. I had saved an image I liked of this animal and sketched it out on big art paper first.  I thought his long horns would fit well in this horizontal shaped frame. 
 I cut out all of the shapes that I believed I could cut in cold glass.
 I used several various shades and textures of teal and sage. I threw in some accents of a yellowish-green color. I was liking the proportions and wished at the time I had more glass and supplies because I would love to have made a much bigger image of this animal. Three feet across and two feet wide. Someday I will. 
Putting the pieces together. This shows the pieces before they are soldered together. I tried to consider darker and lighter shades. Using dark shades near his flank, thigh and underneath his horns. I used the light colors to make his back, stomach and shoulder stand out more. His body section was more abstract, but the head had to be "right on target" to make the rest of this design work. 

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