Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Oklahoma Native Sun"

 This private commission came about because of the love of so many people for one person named Diana. "Oklahoma Native Sun" is my fifth creation for this special lady and she lets me create whatever I want. She recently retired from the Public School System. Her special friends and colleagues presented her with a gift certificate to commission me as her Artist once again.  She was so surprised. I was able to be there to give her a big hug and smile.   We were both excited to create together again.  
 Diana wanted me to create something that would remind her of Oklahoma.  I asked her to list as many things that came to her mind and prioritize them by putting the ideas she liked the at the top.  She thought of the fertile lands, and rivers in the state and also liked the Oklahoma State Flag. This photo was taken in the evening light at dusk.

 This is a close up of the colors used for the landscape shapes which made up the bottom layer of the sun circle design.  Textured green glass, auburn, gold and blue metallic glass, combined with river glass of cobalt blue and gold. Embellished with green, auburn and gold glass gems. Solder lines were stained with a Black Patina.  
 This was the bottom layer of the landscape design. An abstract of the colors of the Oklahoma landscape, prairies and rivers.
 This image shows all the cut glass pieces. Each piece hand foiled, fluxed, and soldered, then individually stained with a black patina.
 Laying out all of the colors and working through the whole design.  
 All of the pieces have been foiled and cleaned. Laying out the design once more time before the fluxing and soldering are done.
Side view. I still needed to add more glass copper beads.

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