Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painting a Gourd !!!!

I bought this gourd at a thrift shop. at the time it was a natural tan color. When I got back from Florida I had this urge to I did. I wanted to paint this gourd for my Dad for Father's Day. I found two quotes from two men he always seemed to admire, John Wooden, and Norman Vincent Peale and painted the quotes on the surface. "Enthusiasm Makes the Difference", (NVP) and "Its What you Learn after You Know it All that Counts", (JW).

I had fun painting the waves of color around the opening. I hope my dad doesn't mind, but he will need to smooth the edges (if he wants). This can be done with the right tools. If I were a birdy - I would want to live inside this gourd.

Checking it out with a critical eye before it is packaged and shipped to California, where they live.

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