Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Makings of a Christmas Tree (cont.)

Getting ready to go back to work. You can see the three bases of the trees on the left. The piles of smaller glass must also be soldered, including the tops of the wine bottles to the right. So that is what I did. It takes a long time!
The trees are taking shape now. More detail needs to be added which will soften the shape of the tree. I covered the solder with black patina. The dark lines are striking when light shines from behind. Each tree stands at 12 inches each. This photo was with a flash.
This photo was without a flash. Eventually small Christmas Tree lights will be threaded up through to the top of the tree. These lights could be clear, red, or green.

This is my next step. I will be foiling each glass gem and putting some on the tree to fill in the branches, giving it a triangle shape. Once this is complete, a star will be put at the top of the tree. I am thinking it might be a small star cut in a metallic gold or red color.

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