Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sometimes I like to transition from working with Glass Art to Mosiac Art. Some of their processes overlap. Instead of foiling and soldering broken glass pieces and found objects together I can work with the same materials but lay out the design in grout.  
 I had the circular table on the right already. The octogon shaped table top was something I had picked up at my favorite nick-nack antique thrift store called Green's Corner. I had considered taking out the plastic center and creating a stained glass design in the center but one day I realized that the octogon table fit perfectly on the round table. I decided I would mosiac the octogon table and use it for the final table top.  
 The piece in the center was a leftover glass lid. I had lots of scraps of orange glass to use and then incorporated blue glass circular gems and star shaped gems around the edge and center.
This is only my fourth mosiac art project, so I am still learning. It provides a nice alternative to my glass art sometimes.

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