Thursday, June 30, 2011

Foiling other small accents.

These are other small objects I may use in the design.  The photos above and below used to be drinking glasses and cups that were broken. I use a rubber mallet to do this.  When I swing the mallet I am trying to aim so that the unique design or shape of the glass can be used. In this case, I thought the little clear dots would be an intriguing detail.  The photo below shows some broken pieces from two glasses that the customer provided.  These pieces show other colors and lines that will also be considered.  One of the most enjoyable parts of my process is adding together all different kinds of items to create one overall beautiful design.   

These are some glass gems that I may add to the design.  My process involves layering in the different colors and accents. These small pieces, if used would be the last layer.  I won't know when or how to use them until I get to that point in the creative process.   It is a fun adventure though.

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