Friday, July 8, 2011

Window design so far....

I have a long way to go on these windows, but these photos show the cut glass design so far.  This is the bottom layer. All of these cut pieces must be individually hand foiled and soldered. Once they are soldered together, I will add small details to the design which are glass gems, broken glass and some precious stones. The customer preferred that there not be a lot of open spaces as the primary role of the window (besides being beautiful) is to filter the sunlight for glare control.  
When I first began this project - I was initially influenced by the shapes of the windows in the home. They seem to fan out from left to right.  All of the glass colors chosen by the customer had a design or texture in them that ran either horizontal or parallel. In order to keep that energy flowing I made sure that each piece was cut so that the design and texture in the glass always ran horizontal.

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