Thursday, July 28, 2011

A view from outside their home.

Can't wait to see what these look like from outside when the bedroom light is on. Just like Ron said, "Its Communty Art". As people drive by, they can see the beautiful design up high. What an accent inside the home as well as an accent outside of the home.
 A photo with a flash and one without. Ron and Christina, proud owners of "Eleven". Two beautiful windows that are a one-of-a-kind glass design.
Here are some comments about the windows from those who have supported my art journey the past eleven years. They are from former customers, lovers of art, friends and family from all over the country:
"How wonderful that you have a profession that you love, it shows in your work".
"This is beautiful. It really looks good in their room. I bet the owners are happy and so are you".
"You go Sista! You have pure talent! Simply AEEEWWWSSOOOMMMEE".
"Simply gorgeous".
"Those are beautiful".
"Beautiful Lynn, You will have to have her send pictures after they are installed. That will make the whole room"!!!
"Hi Lynn, I see your stained glass artwork continues to wow us".
"Absolutely beautiful! The windows will be stunning in their bedroom. You're talent is a precious gift.  Keep'em coming".
"Very nice".
"Great work".
"Really very beautiful".
Lynn, This is fascinating. I have been yard working all day and viewing this was "my break". I think I went over my "allowed" break time since they were so interesting to look at".
"Beautiful, I know your patrons will be absolutely thrilled. Good job".
"You go girl! Congratulations, I hope this leads to more commissions".
"The windows are beautiful. As you stated, they are really going to add to the overall richness of the room. I am in awe of your talent and so happy that you have this creative outlet".
"Beautiful work, what a talent".
Hey Jennifer Lynn. Very nice, but ours is still your best. 
"Those look fabulous, Lynn. I would love to see them installed".
"Loved them, thanks for sharing and I love mine too".
"I love these pieces. Would love to see the studio sometimes. Glad you are living your artistic self - it suits you".
"Beautiful work, Lynn".
"Very beautiful".
"She will love the Color Splash".
"You just get better and better".
"These are absolutely beautiful".
"You are such a genius. See, I said I would one day I'll say, "I knew her when".

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