Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spirit of the West continued.......

"Medicine Man" $525.00 The medicine man is entrusted with ceremonies connected with birth and death, magical ceremonies, and the perpetuation of tribal lore. He is not only the primitive doctor, but he is the diviner, the rainmaker, the soothsayer, the prophet, the priest, and in some instances the chief. Some of the better-known American Indian chiefs were in fact medicine men: Sitting Bull, Geronimo, and Cochise.
"Osage Warrior" $525.00 The Osage Tribe came from western Missouri and southeast Kansas, with a present-day population in north-central Oklahoma. I wanted this to be gold in color, he is wise, and his face is strong and proud.

Abstract: Oklahoma Sunset $1200.00 Oklahoma sunsets are majestic. As I jog along the dirt road near my house I can look to the west and be warmed by its colors and intrigued by the black silhouettes of the trees at dusk.

All of the main pieces of my glass art on display in the back gallery. Jim helped with the hanging system. He drilled holes in the poles and then hung them from the pillars in the ceiling. The glass art looked great suspended in the air like this. I could not have hung my art this well without his help.

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