Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spirit of the West continued....

What a motley crew!!! We got together after the show. I think we were all tired...but we had fun! Left to right: Debbie, Cynthia, Gayle, myself, and Jim. All of us participated in the artwalk this month by giving art shows ourselves. It felt good to sit down as we all had been standing for hours, accepting guests into the show and having conversations with people all night long about the great art that we had on display.
Smiling - smiling - smiling...Linda and David!!!
This is my cousin Kelly and her husband Herb. They drove all the way up from Maud, Oklahoma to see the glass art. It meant a whole lot to me that they were there. Kelly's entire family came together - WOW!!!

This is my friend Donna - she has supported my art for about as along as I have known her. She and I have had lots of fun together. She calls me Felix and I call her Oscar...yeah - we DO have fun together!!!! She really can get me to cracking up about things...and it feels so good to laugh.

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