Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random shots...

One side of my tent wall. I had spotlights on everything, but it still did not do justice for my work. When I brought each piece out in the sun, with light reflected behind....well what can I say but "WOW" !! The light electrifies the colors in any piece. I am already thinking through ideas to get light behind the pieces if I do this again.
Me chilling out...I drank lots of water those three days....well...and a few diet cokes...and yes - a couple of Red Bulls.

Tent view in the morning.

I call this hanging piece of glass art "Teabag". It never did sell, so I am enjoying it some more in my own home. It's price tag was $175.00....interested???

Three lamps on display. Like I had mentioned - I changed the table cloth to white and believe this helped. They looked more interesting the darker it became. I still have these. They did not sale, but know they will eventually. In the meantime...I am enjoying them lit in some rooms in my home.
People gave me new ideas on things to create - like creating leaves in fall colors, making dragonflies, turtles, and snails....hmmmm??????

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