Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This sums it seeing something old done in a NEW way....

Thanks to all the people who came by to say hello...(and give me a bathroom break) ;-).... For those that couldn't be there...I felt your positive energy and prayers..everything went very smoothly.

I enjoyed my experience at the Arts Festival. I made some new artful friends, saw so much talent and creativity, and felt proud of what I had created in glass. I had people ask me about glass classes, and commissions. I handed out hundreds of cards. I heard great music playing all weekend long. On the last night the Oklahoma Philharmonic played which is Oklahoma City's premiere orchestra.
It was a very VERY good experience for me. For the most part - people in general - were so curious as to how I had worked with the glass in the way that I do. Stacking it, layering it, extending it out over the frame or leaving spaces in-between....I think it opened up people's minds a little more...(I hope).

In the future I plan to travel across the states and participate in more festivals. To the west - here I come!!!

Enjoy the photos and video and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

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