Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Red Gold Maze was surprizingly one of the stars of the show....

An angle shot of my booth. Red/Gold near the front.
The next day - hanging near the left. Notice I changed out the black tablecloths for the white ones and it looked better to me. Felt cooler even. Will do this again!

Black tablecloths the first day. Red/Gold Maze got a lot of was right in the sun most of the days and I believe that might have been key.

This young couple made the final purchase. What a prize piece they obtained. Husband and wife have plans for this dynamic piece in their front room. I was excited for them. Little did they know that while we were finishing out the transaction another man was driving his way back to the festival to purchase it. Too late.
This man had bought another piece of my glass art. When he took it home, put it in the window - he couldn't believe how the color affected the entire room and wanted more. He wanted Red/Gold Maze.
It is all good though and Red/Gold Maze has gone to a good home and the man and I are in discussions about a private commission for his home.

Pretty cool huh? Controlled chaos - contemporary dynamic colors, set in an old antique window frame.

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