Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting my new cool blue cast!

Step 4) This is what it looked like in the end. There were many colors to choose, lime green, royal blue, maroon, black, hot pink....I wanted to choose a color that would calm me down and give me good energy.
Step 3) He covered it again with some material that he dipped in the water. He molded it around to the shape of my leg. When it dried it was hard as a rock. He said this was fiberglass. COOL ehh?

Step 2) After that he covered it with some thicker gauze - gently wrapping it around and around until the initial gauze was completely covered.

Step 1) Curtis covered my leg with some thin gauze. This went on first.

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Anonymous said...

sexy nice plastercast and cute nice toes xoxoxo.