Friday, January 8, 2010

Surgery is behind me relieved!

This x-ray was taken looking down on top of the front of my ankle. The bottom part of the photo is the beginning of my shin and the top part of the photo would go on further to show the top of my foot.
They had to put a plate in on the left side of my ankle, which required five small screws to be secure, and then they also had to put in four more longer screws on the other side to hold everything together.
It was quite a break. Hard to believe so much metal put into that one small section of your foot. Dr. Edmonds did the surgery.

I had lots of bruising on the side and behind my knee. I thought at first that maybe this was caused by my fall, but the Doctor later told me that this was because of me elevating my foot. (Which is what he had asked meto faithfully do). He said that the blood had to pool somewhere and this is where it ended up pooling. Better here than in my ankle area.

The Doctor cut off the old splint before surgery. My ankle looks pretty good huh!!! There was some bruising underneath my foot, but because I had kept it elevated, and drank lots of water my body had more of a chance to heal well. I was ready for the surgery as I had been hobbling around on crutches for nine days, yet I felt apprehensive as most people do before they go completely under.

This is before I went to surgery. I think the morphine helped me smile a little bigger than I felt. I am so glad the surgery is behind me and now each day brings me closer to a full recovery.

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mmmmmmm, nice sexy toes xoxoxo.