Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angels for sale at the Firehouse Art Center and Gallery

The Norman, Firehouse Art Center and Gallery, located on Flood Street in Norman, Oklahoma will be selling all of these angels for me. Please call them if you are interested. Their number is: 405-329-4253.
They are made of browns, golds, purple colors. Zebra striped glass beads on some, vintage jewelry on others. Each angel is adorned with silver jewelry wire to hang it from and these wires are all strung with glass beads.
Four turquoise colored angels. Leopard and teal glass beads added to some, others have vintage jewelry as the accents on their gowns.

This group of angels were created with red, greens, and white colored glass. Some of the white pieces came from broken lampshades. All adorned with vintage jewelry and glass beads from Green's Corner in Shawnee, Ok. Smallest angel on far right has been sold. It will hang from the customer's rear view mirror inside their car.

These are the same angel of course, just different angle on the photograph as the metallic gold glass used for the gown of the angel varies in its shimmer. The wings are a dark red color of glass.

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