Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angels for sale at the Firehouse Art Center and Gallery

These angels were made from broken lampshades and white colored glass. The top right angel's gown is made from a light peach colored glass. Black patina accentuates the lines, vintage jewelry used to adorn their gowns.
Teal, and auburn colored angel.

These angels are really purple. I tried to capture the purple metallic glass used for their gowns, but it was a challenge. They are beautiful though and purple is a favorite color of mine to use.

Sage and orange colored angels. The smaller angels have wings that came from a brown lampshade I broke. The other angel's came from a plate that looked like lots of leaves. I turned the leaf design outward intentionally for the wing shape of this design.

Textured red/orange glass on the gown and bright yellow/orange wings.

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