Friday, July 9, 2010

Biggest adventure of all, beside my art in the gallery...

This little guy is sixteen years old and takes heart and arthritis meds daily. He only weighs twelve pounds and can't see or hear well. This little whippersnapper named "Pongo" wondered off one day and was lost in the desert for eight hours. HE WAS FOUND EVENTUALLY. I can't begin to tell you what kind of state of mind this situation brought me. When Jim and I realized he was missing, we walked around in the sagebrush for hours calling his name and clapping our hands but no Pongo was found.
This was the area that he wondered in. I have to thank so many people that helped in this search. Paula, who referred me to the "List Serve", Brook, who put his information on the "List Serve", Taylor who spotted him first and called to let us know. She also saddled up her horse and walked around with us in our search. Pongo had been missing since 9:30am. Finally around 5:30pm, I received a call from a lady who lived in Texas. She had seen the information on the "List Serve" with my number and called me. She described the bedraggled, dust covered, and dehydrated little black and white dog to me. We quickly drove over to her house and there he was...thirsty, worn out, but recognized me as I quickly walked to him and swept him up in my arms. I did not get the name of the lady who called me, but I thanked her for looking at her computer that day and for quickly calling me. She would not take any money but like me, had so hoped that this little dog would find its owner. This story fortunately had a very, VERY happy ending.

He wondered over to the house on the right, and then onto the house to the left. He had a puncture wound on his back. An infection, fluid building on his lungs, crackling with every breath he took and quickly losing his ground on his life. Belinda, the vet at Taos Vet Clinic in Taos, New Mexico was very thorough. She had so much information to share. If he had not been found, he would not have survived the night. Today he is just normal, walking around, sleeping, liking his special treats (of which he will get many). Thanks to everyone who helped us and for allowing me to enjoy a little more time with my little man.

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