Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yreka, California and Happy Camp, California

One of my favorite places to have visited this year. The mountain towns of Yreka and Happy Camp  and their surrounding areas.
The beautiful Klamath River ran along side the highway which took me from Yreka into Happy Camp and back each day.  It was a winding two and a half hour drive just one way.   
Taking this highway back in those mountains is the small town of Happy Camp.  Happy Camp got it's name because it was the first place to come and celebrate after suffering hardships from trips up the treacherous Klamath River. It was also prosperous back in the day.  
 Unfortunately this same beautiful area is known for historic seizures of thousands and thousands of marijuana plants in 2008 and 2010.  

That still didn't stop me from enjoying the beautiful landscape.
There were places along the curvy highway to stop and take photos. Yreka and Happy Camp are located up north close to the border of Oregon. A drive from Redding, through Yreka and on into Oregon was one of the most beautiful drives I can remember.  I was in awe as I drove so close to Mt. Shasta all covered with snow.   From Redding to Medford, Oregon - gorgeous country all the way.

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