Saturday, May 28, 2011

White Plains, New York

Busy city, with lots of people and not a lot of parking space.

White Plains is supposedly the 43rd richest city in the country. It was apparent by the large number of private Golf and Country Clubs per square mile. Just like New York, lots of people and not a lot of space. Unfortunately in this wealthy community live the poorest of poor.  In order to live cheap and have work many large families rent small apartments and share kitchen, bathroom and living room spaces.
This is an example of a parking ticket. I am sure you have seen one before. I saw one similar ticket attached to my front windshield at the end of a long work day. I got this by parking in the street. It was only $20 and reminded me how glad I was to be going home.

Sitting in the airport, I met Sandra a nice lady who lived in the area. She and I talked of Oprah's last show and what meaning it had to both of us.  

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