Saturday, May 28, 2011

Miami, Florida

Miami is something else. Flashy, crowded, rich and poor. On the way back and forth from work we saw pictures of beautiful homes with yachts outside as we drove around the city.  We also saw big cruise ships lined up to take hundreds of people out to the sea and beyond.  Many of those people would store their bags and hop on a bus from our hotel to take them to their boats.
Miami is a happening place. "Flashy-everything" mixed with a wide range of diversity from people,  places and things. 
There were also women of all ages wearing platform shoes, in all colors. They are popular I know...but in this tinsel-town it seemed everyone had a pair on. The higher the better - seeing some worn that were at least ten inches high with shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses. The shoes are so TALL. Having broken my ankle just over a year ago - they make me cringe.
Other than the hotel and program where I worked each day I happened to get out long enough to find a Whole Foods. I love shopping there.  

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