Friday, July 17, 2009

The artist I met and artwork I purchased in New York
View his work...I like it. I taped the canvas up in my hotel room and enjoyed looking at it. I liked his style, his chunky blocks of color surrounded by this woman. She was painted with a cool blend of bluish, grey and purple hues.

Me selecting the art....I was excited inside...

This is Eduardo, the artist. He was very nice and polite.
There was another artist whose work I liked. He had his art further behind us if you look.
I would have liked to buy something from him as well. I was drawn to these two artists and their style as well as how well their two different styles blended and complimented the other.
Eddie Ching is the other artist and his blog is: http:/

Can you see his other works? COOL...huh?
I rolled his piece of art up in a tube I purchased before heading home. I carried that tube with me everywhere I went. In the cab, through security, bathroom breaks, purchasing an item while standing in line, riding the shuttle to the airport from the hotel. When I met my travel partner - Donna - she would watch it for me. On my very last stop...on the last night of my stay I ended up leaving it on the bed in my hotel room. I ended up having to stay in Dallas at a Super 8 near the airport (a whole other story). We checked in at 1:00am and had to be up to leave for the airport at 6:00am...I was so tired...I guess I had lost my edge...and unfortunately left the art there. I have made all the right calls and talked to the right people...I hope the hotel is able to locate the art and send it home to me soon.

Cathi and I hung out together in the city. She is from Tennessee. I drug her along to all the art places I wanted to see...and she was a great sport. She has a "photographers" eye and suggested many of the photo ideas that you see as well as helping to take photos of me within the city. I was intent on seeing two and thrift shops!!!

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