Friday, July 17, 2009

New York City...I took lots of bites out of the big apple...

Thank you for taking the time to see these images. I recently got the opportunity to work in New York City for almost two weeks. We were able to break free from work over the weekend and the following photos show places I visited, people I met, and the overall diversity of this big place.

I am home now for a few months and will be transitioning into my "Right Brained Life" of creating glass art. On my agenda are the following projects:
- UK/OK Art Opening at the Price Tower, August 7th, 2009. (see web site on blog).
- Creating some small pieces for the Price Tower Museum store...before the show!
- Art commissions for: Kelly, Paula, Sally, Landa, Dana, Jim and Lynn, and possibly Fritz and Dr. Bill.
- Finishing my porch Mosaic.
- Then...thinking about what I want to do I sense that my art journey is taking me into other mediums in addition to my glass art....but am not sure what yet....

I am also in the process of categorizing my art on this blog. This will help a customer be able to click on the categories to see examples of what they might like me to create for them.
Thanks for your support...and enjoy the photos.

Jennifer Lynn Farrar

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