Friday, July 17, 2009

Strolliong around in SoHo

I am sorry I have this photo in here twice...I haven't figured out a way to delete only one picture without deleting the whole blog entry...
On certain blocks in Soho, artists displayed their artwork. That is what we do...if you really want to keep carving a path for yourself, in art or in any area of your life - if you are truly passionate about it will keep putting yourself "out there" and rejection becomes something you learn to accept and grow from - rather than the experiences becoming a blockage to growth. Author - "Sark" says (paraphrasing) that if you are rarely rejected, that means you aren't putting yourself out there rejection only becomes a measurement of that, rather than something that affects the value of your worth. And yeah...some days I remember that and some days I don't.....

I had fun talking with this guy. His spin was instead of the regular tourist shirts you can get when you go somewhere - you can get an artist's version of a tourist shirt. He had some cool "I love New York" t-shirts...they sold for about thirty bucks. I wish I had bought one.

There was a guy next to him who was selling jewelry and kept complaining because the his music was too high. I can relate. Music helps to create the right environment and I like playing it while selling art in a festival too. Too bad the jewelry guy next to the t-shirt guy didn't think the same.

Check out the image on the guy's shirt. I don't know what kind of dog this was, but I saw several being walked by their owners or dog walkers. I saw many Chiwawaus, boxers and two large dogs that looked like they were built like a greyhound except larger, with really long blond hair.
I regret that I didn't take any photos of the dog parks that were located throughout the city. It was a fenced play area where the dogs could run around, get exercise and socialize with the other dogs.

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