Monday, August 10, 2009

What the UK/OK Exhibit looked like inside.

These are some photos I took to show what the exhibit looked like on the inside. Scott and his crew were able to take each piece art and exhibit them in such a way as if that particular piece was all that you saw. I am not sure if this is clear or not...but he honored every piece of art in this space and accentuated the diversity of each piece. In the end, he was able to bring all of this beauty and diversity into one exceptional presentation. Enjoy....

I was curious as to where or how my art would be displayed and to my surprise when I walked in...there it was. It was the first collection that people would see...and would draw them in for the UK/OK experience. I was proud but felt humbled at the same time. Jim took this picture as I stood they did not know it was my glass art they were standing near. It felt very humbling and special to be in that moment with myself.

This doesn't look big in the photo....but it was the long panel (at least five feet long) that hung at the entry way to the exhibit.

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