Monday, August 31, 2009

Other older pieces are art for sale this weekend...

"Dreams of A Mermaid" - for sale this weekend. There is a small hanging glass in front of this piece when I took the picture. Hopefully you can still see this blue panel piece. There are cups also soldered in with this design that were purchased in San Francisco and blue, turquoise, and chartreuse mermaids swimming throughout. The design can hang horizontal or parallel.

One photo is taken with a flash and the other is not. I created this "Red/Green Maze" three years ago. It is big. Three feet wide and two and a half feet tall. It can be hung horzontal or parallel.
"Red/Green Maze" was selected at the "In Your Eye Gallery" to be used on a movie set in Norman, Oklahoma. The movie is titled "Ivory" and is about two people competing for a spot in a piano competition held in Budepest.
"Red/Green Maze" hung bright in a large window in the large living room near the grand piano where several scenes were filmed.

It will be for sale this weekend at a reduced price.

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