Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Mosiacs...Jennifer Lynn - what is happening?

I guess I caught a "Mosaic Bug" when I went to Florida this summer because I just began another Mosaic project at my house. I have almost completed my front porch. A ten foot by five foot space that I jumped into first - ughhhh. (a pretty big project for a beginner - why do I do that to myself). It needs to be cleaned and sealed. Once that is done I will upload the entire process.
This second project came soon after. I had painted on this piece of cement a few years ago, but I thought it needed a face lift. I gathered and organized everything I wanted to incorporate in the design. I recycled lots of material from my bus studio, and grabbed a few of my older green dinner plates out of my kitchen. Hey - I can always pick up a few more from the thrift shop or an estate sale!!!
When I know there is no chance of rain I will then put another layer of grout adhesive on it. Clean it and seal it. I am anxious to see what they both look like once they are completed.
The two mosaics have added a little more character to my house and are pleasant to be around. I will have to do one more project - three is a good number.
Right now I am eyeballing an old round side table in my house.....

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